Shopping in Cluj



Cluj has infinite option in terms of shopping, from big and elegant malls comprising all the popular European brands to old fashioned shops that you can find in the city centre. When it comes to shopping in Cluj, you should first decide what you are looking for so that we can provide you with the correct and appropriate details. If you are in search of presents for the dear one, then your itinerary should be totally different from the one taking you to shops selling wonderful clothes at quite small prices. Therefore let’s see all the aspects of shopping in Cluj when travelling:

Gifts for dear ones


If you are looking for beautiful souvenirs or gifts preserving the traditional flavor of this place, then stick around the downtown. From the big Catholic Cathedral you will notice a small charming street taking you to the Museum Square. This is the place where people in the area come to sell their handmade clothes or local products at quite small prices. You can buy here from amazing traditional blouses, hats or jewels to delicious cheese, cakes or salami.

Another great place for buying interesting traditional gifts is King Art shop. There are several places where you can find this shop and two of them are Iuliuss Mall and Polus Mall. King Art offers a wide variety of products from personalized T-shirts, cups, fridge magnets or scarves to alluring indoor games or house decorations.

Fashion in Cluj


What it might strike you about Cluj is the beauty and modernity of its style in term of clothes and the general low prices. However, worldwide brands like Zara, Bershka, H&M, Stradivarius etc are inexplicable more expensive than Westerns Europe and the discounts are more a show than a real price reduction. Do not less yourself fooled by the big ads from the shop’s window inviting you inside, because you will be shocked by small discounts of the products.

The best places for hunting fashion in Cluj are Iulius Mall and Polus Mall, both situated at the exit from the city, in opposed directions. It is here where the locals’ weekends are spent, especially in winter time, as these malls cater from everything, from entertainment (you can find the main cinema places as well), to food (there a wide and diversified food court) and of course the many shops, our of which the majority are popular European brands.

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