Rural tourism

Nowadays, people seem to care more about their holidays and they are always looking for places that are different from their mundane lives. Spending time within a traditional household and getting a glimpse of how people in the countryside live may be a refreshing experience. As such, rural tourism developed to a great extent and the places where you choose to spend your holiday have a lot of interesting items on display: traditionally decorated fabrics, popular clothing, wood sculptures, paintings on glass and of course, popular music and dances.

What’s so special?

This type of holiday gives you the chance to spend more time with your family, to relax and enjoy nature and its benefices: healthy food, beautiful landscapes and cute animals. Rural tourism means getting to know more about the Romanian people and how they do different things like: shoeing a horse, making cheese or must (out of grapes). These are old activities that have been done for centuries but they are little known by people living in the city. Imagine waking up when the cock sings, going outside and smelling the fresh air from the wooden porch decorated with multicolored flowers. Then, just think of a delicious traditional breakfast with fresh milk, straight from the cow, homemade cheese and sausages, tomatoes from the garden nearby and homemade bread baked in earthen ovens. Everything is natural, produces within the very household where you’ve chosen to stay and the hosts are more than happy to stay with you and tell you recipes, stories, legends about the places and so on. You will go home a much richer person, spiritually speaking.

What else?

People within the rural tourism business know that their guests must not get bored during their staying there. This is why many rural guesthouses also organize different types of activities to keep you occupied. You can go horse riding (if you’ve never done it before they will be there to teach you) or you can go round the places on bike. Many of these places usually have some ponds or streams nearby so you can also make boat trips or go canoeing.  And if you are really willing to ‘feel’ the experience, you can help the owners with their chores: feed the animals, milk the cow, gather the grain … Of course, you won’t have to actually work till you drop dead, only to better see how these people make their living. You may even get to make some friends while doing so and have a dear place to return to the following year.

As you have seen, this is not for everyone; if you enjoy all inclusive hotels, where you don’t have to lift a finger to do anything, then you should not try rural tourism. If you are, however, the type of person who enjoys different things in different places, then try one of the many Romanian rural guesthouses. You may be impressed!

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