Romanians’ weirdest superstitions

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I think that if anyone started to gather all Romanian superstitions in one book, they would have to write hundreds of pages. There are all kinds of superstitions, related to good luck, misfortune, Christmas and Easter, getting married, giving birth, even dying. What is interesting about them is that even if it might seem to you weirdest superstitions ever, there are people in Romania that just can’t do without them. Superstitions are a part of everyday life, even supported by the Orthodox Church to a certain point and well known by everyone in the country, even the cosmopolitan youth of the 21st century. Below you might read about some of the most widely known and practiced of these traditions, but, of course, it would be impossible to write about everything, so here’s a taste of the coolest ones.

It brings you good luck if:

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–          You get as a present a new pair of gloves;

–          You carry a coin in your pocket;

–          Your name has 7 letters;

–          You’re the seventh child in the family

It is bad luck if:

–          Your right hand is itchy (it means that you will have to give money to someone soon; if you scratch it or if you put it in your pocket you can send away the bad luck);

–          You cut your hand nails on Sunday;

–          Your left eye suddenly stirs (it means that you will soon get disappointed by someone or something)

–          You leave your purse or back on the floor.

Funny superstitions about weddings:

–          The young unmarried girls write their names on the sole of the bride’s shoes; the one whose name isn’t effaced will be the next to get married;

–          The bride shouldn’t wear sandals because her luck will escape through her toes;

–          The bride should not change her shoes during the wedding ceremony or party because she will also change her husband for another one;

–          You should not give cutlery as a present to the newlyweds because these bring them sorrow and quarrels.

Other, very popular superstitions:

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–          If you’re unmarried, you should never eat in the corner of the table because you will never get married;

–          If you’re sewing something you’re dressed with, you should keep a string in your mouth so that you don’t sew your mind as well (that is, you become stupid);

–          You shouldn’t return once you’re leaving from or to somewhere because you will have bad luck;

–          Those who kiss and hug over a threshold will be separating soon;

–          If you spill your coffee it means you will receive money from somewhere;

–          If you spill salt it means you will quarrel with someone.

If you get the chance to stay and have a long talk with any elderly person in Romania, you are sure to find out even weirder beliefs on “what to do” and “what not to do” on a day to day basis. While they can’t really help you win the lottery or live happily ever after, Romanian’s weirdest superstitions will at least put a big smile on your face.

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