Religious edifices in Constanta

Constanta is much more than a simple seaside city; it is also an important spiritual center of Romania. In this part of the country it is said that Apostle Andrew came to spread the Christian religion. That is why many important religious edifices can be traced here.  Religious edifices in Constanta will bring forward some of the most important religious spots in this wonderful city.

Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral

Cathedral front ©

Saint Peter and Paul is an orthodox church that is located in front of the Tomis Archiepiscopate. The edifice was built between 1883 and 1895 in the style of the old architecture in Tara Romaneasca by the famous architect Ion Mincu. In Romania, people pray and bend before the relics of Saints, in Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral you can find the relics of Saint Pantelimon that was brought from the Near East. The church also hosts the Virgin Mary Icon that is said to have made miracles.

The Great Mosque in Constanta

The Great Mosque in Constanta is a Muslin spiritual worship that was built between 1910 and 1912. It is also called Carol Mosque, the period of its foundation beginning during King Carol’s time, as a sign of appreciation for the Muslim community. The muslin is built of reinforced concrete in Egyptian-Byzantine style with some Romanian architectural motives. This is the first reinforced concrete building in Romania. Inside the mosque, you can admire the interior mural painting and the oriental carpet received as a gift from Turkey. The carpet is from Ada-Kaleh and has more than 200 years old. It has 144 square meters and weights more than 490 kilos. The carpet was handmade and belonged to Abdul Hamid. The Great Mosque in Constanta is also a copy of the Konia mosque in Anatolia.

The Cave of Apostle Andrew

Tha cave ©

One of the most important Christian edifices located on Romanian territory is the Cave of Apostle Andrew. This is actually considered to be the first Christian edifice on the Romanian territory. It was dug in a forest hill, the entrance being located towards the east while inside the cave you can find a stone block marked with a cross. When Apostle Andrew came to spread the Christian belief, he chose this cave to pray in. The legend says that Saint Andrew christened the people from these lands, baptizing them in the nine springs in the proximity of the cave.

If you are looking for a spiritual journey, then Constanta could be a place to be taken into consideration. For more information on the religious edifices in Constanta check out

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