Personalities born in Targu-Mures

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We move on in revealing the beauties of this small but important city, also for the personalities born in Targu-Mures. So here we have three local celebrities that brought an important contribution both for the culture of Targu Mures but also the Romanian culture.

Maria Mailat

Born in 1953 at Targu-Mures, Maria Mailat is a Romanian writer that established to France.

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The witer choose to exile in France reaching Paris in 1983, asking for a political asylum. She publishes a novel in French „Deffendu de pleurer”. During her time in Romania she published interviews and short stories in a few Romanian magazines such as Vatra, Opinia Studenteaasca and a volume of short stories and sketches called Free Entrance.  She encountered difficulties with the Communist censure which determined her to leave for France. Besides being a writer she is also a sociologist and anthropologist. She was elected vice-president of the House of French and Francophone Writers in France.

Remulus Guga

Romulus Guga was born in 1939 and he is a representative poet and writer, translator, dramatist and publicist. He attends the classes of Letter Faculty in Cluj where he began to write and publish poems.

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He meets Ion Agarbiceanu and Lucian Blaga. After graduating the faculty he began teaching Romanian language and literature and he is hired as a literary secretary at the state theater in Targu Mures. In 1968 he publishes a poetry volume called Abandoned boats and in 1971 he is a chief editor at Vatra magazine. His first novel, the crazy man and the flower receives the Writers’ award. He is part of the Writers’ Union Board in Romania. He was awarded with the cultural merit order. Some of his works were translated in Magyar while a few poems  appeared in Il giornale dei poeti. His novels and dramas are confessions, meditation and debates on life and death, solitude and moral purity

Gabriel Herman

He is an Israeli historic born in Targu-Mures. He became representative through his researches in Greek and Roman ancient history. He is presently teaching at Hebrew University in Jerusalim and he is a member of Darwin College and Clare Hall in Cambridge.

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He emigrated from Romania to Israel. His master thesis focused on the classical studies, especially the Athenian Empire in the 5th century BC. He was recommended for following his studies at Cambridge University. His PHD thesis focused on friendship rituals and the Greek fortress. In 1979 he teaches at the University in Jerusalem, he works as researcher at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton, at Hardt Foundation in Geneva and at Wisconsin in Madison. His books focus on Moral and behavior in Democratic Athens.

These are three personalities born in Targu-Mures which books and research studies are part of the Romanian heritage and why not international. More details on the most important people in Targu-Mures you can find on

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