Palace of Parliament

Known before 1989 as the People’s House or House of the Republic, the Palace of Parliament is by far one of the most famous attractions of Bucharest and maybe even the country. It competes with the painted monasteries in northern Moldavia or castles such as Peles and Bran.


The largest building in Romania, it is the largest civilian administrative building for use in the world, the most expensive administrative building in the world and the heaviest building in the world, so it has entered the Guinness Book of Records three times. An instant attraction for tourists from all over the world! In the court behind the building, they will build the Salvation Cathedral, the largest Orthodox Church inRomania.

Considered a symbol of dictatorship, the building was controversial from the start. To make room for, an entire neighborhood was destroyed as well as a stadium full of history – the Republic. After 1990, the demolition of the building or its being covered by other buildings was taken into consideration. There were ideas for it being transformed into a mall or a casino. However, everything remained a just a plan. The most effective idea would be to move the government and all ministries in this building, together with the Parliament.

Everything inside the building is titanic: rooms, curtains, stairs, windows and so on. The funds allocated to maintenance are lowering and it shows. The building is deteriorating every day. To get the funds, some of the rooms are rented to various fairs and events.

Visiting information

If you want to visit it, you must first make an appointment on the telephone or over the counter. The access to the building is allowed only with an identity card. The Palace of the Parliament is opened daily between10 a.m. and4 p.m. If you come by car you can park it inside the yard for free. There are several tours available to visitors. Throughout the visit you are accompanied by a guide who will answer any question. The best part of the tour is the view from the two terraces from where you can admire an incredible panorama ofBucharest.

Though a controversial building, the Palace of the Parliament is nonetheless an emblematic monument, a symbol of the Romanian force and strength. Being constructed almost entirely only with Romanian materials, this is truly a building Romanians should be proud of.

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