One week tour in Romania

You’re lying in the grass and it’s greener than you have ever seen. You’re looking up and you see the sky bluer than ever. You look around and you see tall, quiet fir trees, standing still for hundreds and hundreds of years. Oh, sorry I should have started with the beginning: you’re on fourth day of your one week tour in Romania and you have just reached one of the peaks of Apuseni Mountains. I bet you want to know, though, how you got there. Here is a little hint of what you might see and do if you spent a one week vacation in Romania. The sights mentioned are only some of the wonderful things the most beautiful country of Eastern Europe can offer but they are definitely must-sees.


Day 1 and 2

Let’s consider your departure takes place from Galati, in Eastern Romania. Your first stop should be Bucovina. As you don’t have enough time, choose to visit the “Humor” and “Voronet” monasteries, which are very close-by and more than representative for the famous Painted Monasteries group. The nuns will guide you through the monasteries and tell you about the history of the places. After you listen to them, you can walk along the paths of the monastery and relish the silence and the beauty of the surroundings. Then, go towards Vatra Dornei where you should stop for the night. In the evening you can take a stroll in the city’s park and if you’re lucky you may get to play with one of the many squirrels that live there. In the morning, drink your coffee while admiring the beautiful landscape and then, off you go. The Apuseni Mountains are your goal but you should definitely wait a little and make a visit to Cluj Napoca, as well. This city is as developed and interesting (some say even more) as the capital so, if you are a party person, then you will definitely enjoy spending time in one of its many pubs or clubs.

Days 3 – 5

The road from Cluj Napoca to Vartop, in Apuseni Mountains is surprisingly interesting and beautiful from the moment you enter the mountains. Why should you spend three days here? First of all, the people of this region (named “moti”) are very welcoming and warm and quiet with their tourists. Secondly, these places are still displaying their natural beauty, untouched by modern civilization. Thirdly, you can walk around the village of Vartop and make a lot of trips on the mountain, many sites waiting for you: the Cave of the Bears, the ice cave Scarisoara (one of a kind in Europe), the Ruginoasa hole (you climb on the mountain and then, when you think you’ve reached a nice plateau there is a great hole, much like a massive canyon opening in front of you).

Days 6-7

It’s time to leave this wonderful place and continue your journey. Your next destination is Alba Iulia, a city of great importance for the Romanian history: it is here that the union of the three main Romanian principalities first took place (in 1600). After a short visit to this historic place, you go on next Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture in 2007. This city is beautiful, it is modern and old at the same time and people here are so used to their city being visited by a lot of foreign people that you immediately connect to Sibiu like with no other Romanian city. If it weren’t for your one week tour in Romania, you should definitely spend more time in Sibiu. You leave Sibiu behind and you head towards Transfagarasan (the road that crosses the highest peaks in the country) and literally travel among clouds. The Transfagarasan ends with another legendary town: Curtea de Arges. It is famous for its amazing monastery and the myth of its construction, namely that a young woman had to be buried alive within its walls, for the building not to collapse.

I really hope you enjoyed your tour and you’re more than welcomed to try it on your own!


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