Not to be missed in Transilvania

I think that that this particular historic region is the most famous and known part of Romanian all around the world. The explanation is quite simple: it is the place where you will find Dracula’s Castle and who hasn’t heard of Dracula? I also think that you will find relatively few Romanians to tell you that this is the most important aspect about Transilvania. Why? Because this is such a beautiful region, rich in culture and history and with amazing cities that Dracula’s Castle doesn’t seem so important any longer. To try to convince of that, let me present you what is not to be missed in Transilvania. Follow me!

Brasov – Romanian mountain resort

This fascinating medieval town is situated near the picturesque mountain Postavaru and close to the mountainous area of Transilvania, with very high quality hotels. You can admire here the old Saxon architectural monuments located near the Black Church, a monument dating from the fourteenth century and the ruins and the old town hall, dating from the eighteenth century. This town is a wonderful journey to the past.

Sinaia – former summer royal residence

From Brasov you can make trips to Bran Castle, the supposed residence of Prince Vlad Tepes, who inspired the legend of Dracula. Also, make sure you do not miss the Peles castle. It was built for King Carol in 1883 in a sophisticated architectural style and located in the foothills of majestic mountains in Sinaia. There are numerous leisure opportunities: hiking, riding, and in winter you can ski.


Sibiu is also a beautiful city built by the Saxons, with cobblestone streets and colorful houses. You must definitely visit both the popular outdoor art museum and the Brukenthal art museum. The excellent city location allows trips in mountain villages such as, for example, Sibiel, where you will find a fascinating museum of icons. Or you can choose to visit Sighisoara, which is more than impressive for anyone, its old Saxon buildings being well preserved up to now. Further on, near Deva, there is the Huniazi Castle, rebuilt in the XV century in Gothic style by the Baron Iancu de Hunedoara. The latter embellished the castle with towers and fortresses reminiscent of the castles of the Loire.

All in all, wherever you go in Transilvania, you will discover rural traditions that are daily kept by simple peasants. Shepherds produce cheese that you can buy even on the roadsides. The gates of the houses are adorned with intricate carved designs. On Sundays, people wear traditional colorful costumes, loaded with different meanings and symbols. As for festivals, you must know that their season starts after Easter and there is no city in Transilvania without a generic festival. I hope you liked this post about what not to be missed in Transilvania and you will give it a chance.

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