Nightlife in Constanta

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We all like to party in a way or another, some prefer relaxing lounges others are fascinated by the clubs and bars that create the perfect atmosphere for a night to remember. If you visited Constanta then I am sure you are familiar with its opportunities in terms of having fun. Nightlife in Constanta is full of color, glamorous but at the same time without many demands. You will find here a large variety of bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs because people in Constanta as well as Romanians in general, love to party.


This bar gained the title of Constanta’s best bar of 2009. Friends is more than just a bar, is the place where you can bring a girl for a first time at a date, is the exact place you need to meet up with your friends when you want to see a football game or to sing all your favorite songs during karaoke night. Because during the night, things always look better, Friends transforms itself and brings the party spirit in all its guests, as the bar becomes a club. My suggestion is to try the beers in the bars and the variety of cocktails.

Cosmopolitan Bar

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You are in a holiday for an entire week or only for a few days; you are in the mood for having fun. You do not feel like going to a terrace but for a more exquisite and relaxing place? Cosmopolitan Bar could be the perfect choice for you.  Why? Well, what could be more relaxing than staying on white sofas, with cozy cushions and listening to great music? I know, enjoying a glass of the house’s finest wine. After 11 pm, the bar animates a little bit and becomes a club where you can put all your energy to work.

Fratelli Club

Without any doubt the hottest, the most glamorous, modern and cosmopolite club in Constanta is Fratelli. Girls, put on your night gowns and your high heels, boys prepare your white shirts cause in Fratelli Club nobody gets bored. This is one of the most visited clubs in the entire city. Another one, even more famous but still part of Fratellli Clubs is the club in Bucharest. It is important how you dress in Fratelli Club since this is not an average pub/bar. Some of the most popular pop stars in Romania come to Fratelli Club.

If you are in the mood for having fun then do not worry in Constanta, you will always find a great party where to go. That is why you should try to taste a bit of the Nightlife in Constanta. A more detailed list you have on

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