Must see attractions in Timisoara

Village Museum ©

As you know, so far I have written about the landmark and the free attractions of Timisoara. In what comes next, I thought it fair to concentrate as well on the other important sights in this city. The list of the must see attractions in Timisoara is a long one but I will stop on those which are truly representative for this Romanian western city.

The Banat Village Museum

Also known as the Architectural and Folk Skills Reservation or the Green Forest, this museum was founded in 1972. Tens of hectares of forest are covered with various species of plants, with lovely flowers and lawns. The Green Forest is the favorite space of relaxation for the inhabitants of Timisoara, an oasis in the Flower City. The reservation also hosts the Village Museum which offers visitors numerous services: guided tours, folk art, publications, postcards, flyers, etc. Periodically, fairs and folk performances done by craftsmen are organized by the museum.

The Metropolitan Cathedral

Cathedral ©

The Orthodox Cathedral impresses through its size, grace and architectural lines and also through the glazed brick lining that one can see shining in the sun from far away. The cathedral has been declared an art monument due to its architecture, painting and sculpture. The architectural style of the cathedral combines the Roman religious tradition with the Byzantine – Moldavian one. Since 1956, the building has been home to the relics of Saint Joseph the New from Partos, the former Metropolitan Bishop of Timisoara.

The statue of Saint Nepomuk

The central figure of the monument is St. John Nepomuk, patron of Catholicism in Banat. Above him, there is St. Mary, holding lilies, the symbol of righteousness. In the background there are, the saints Rochus, Carol Boromeu and Sebastian.

The Statue of the Holy Trinity

It was made in Vienna and brought to Timisoara by water on the Danube, Tisa and then on the Bega Canal. It is composed of a high, triangular column, surrounded by clouds, on the top of which there is the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, the Son and the Father, who keep the heavenly crown over the head of Virgin Mary. This suggests the connection between heaven and earth. This column is surrounded by other smaller statues, representing St. Nepomuk, St Rochus (the protector against plague and other diseases), St Sebastian (another protector against plague) and St Charles Boromeu, patron of love.

I realize that many of these attractions have a religious value but please see them also as symbols of the rich cultural and historic background Timisoara enjoys. These must see attractions in Timisoara will truly help you grasp the essence of this city: faithful and warm people with open minded views.

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