Most scenic hidden villages in Romania

History, entertainment, culture … this is what everyone expects of a holiday destination when choosing it but maybe what we all should look for is relaxation. No noise, no job, no work to be done, in a word relaxation. Some very lucky people may enjoy it at home or in a park … but for the rest of us that simply won’t do: the phone is ringing, the Internet is too close by to resist the temptation to check something you don’t really need to check, problems are just everywhere. The solution at hand? Some of the most scenic villages in Romania might do the trick for you. They surely work for me!

Fundata Village

This is a village situated at 1304 m altitude between the mountains Bucegi and Piatra Craiului. In Fundata, there are relatively very few places where you have mobile signal, the Internet is just a dream and the TV works now and then at the mercy of the blowing of the wind. During the winter, you will most definitely experience one or two power cuts, depending on how long you are staying there. All the same, this village has that “je ne sais quoi”, a unique feature that makes you fall in love instantly with its small village charm. While you’re staying there, you will meet not only bed and breakfasts owners but also villagers who take their animals to the nearby pastures and who lead simple, ancestral lives with what nature and God offers them. What else is there to do here? Well, you can visit the Dambovicioara Cave and and Gorge (which are pretty amazing) buy also Gradistea Gorge and Zarnesti Gap. Also, you should know that at Fundata, you will breathe the purest air in Romania.

Maguri Village

This village, located in Transilvania, on Gilaului Mountains, is a kind of roof of Romania – is the area located at the highest altitude in Romania (between 1,250 and 1,400 m), being inhabited all year round. There are about 390 houses, spread across no less than 13,000 hectares, divided into hamlets such as Robesti, Joseni, Bogdanesti or Suseni. Maguri is considered heaven surrounded by mountains, where the landscape never ceases to amaze tourists. Although it is only 45 kilometers far from Cluj-Napoca, Maguri is a closed community, protected from foreign eyes, without the gentlemen from the town with their fancy villas, shrouded in sausages smoke. For this reason, the area retains its ancestral, well preserved rules, the air smells like a wild sort of autonomy – a state within a state that does not have anything to do with the rest of the world.

If you ask anyone in Romania, they will tell you that eternity was born in the village, a fact well proved by Fundata and Maguri, two of the most scenic hidden villages in Romania. Of course, there are many more similar villages, forgotten among high altitudes and amazing mountains, where life has a pace of its own. They are waiting there, silent and calm, for you to become a part of them, for just a couple of hours or even days.

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