Most important tours around Suceava

The county of Suceava is one of the most beautiful areas in Romania being rich in culture, history and wonderful landscapes. I know, this pretty much sounds as a cliché but it’s not an exaggeration and I hope to demonstrate it through this article. The most important tours around Suceava waiting for you focus each on a specific tourist attraction that you might enjoy: cultural and religious diversity, trekking, relaxing walks and history.

Visiting the monasteries

This is in fact the landmark of the county of Suceava, the entry in the county being decorated with a beautiful wooden gate on which it is written: Suceava, land of monasteries. So, this is the first tour you should make in this county. The best part about it is that these are more than holy places, they are impressive monuments that have stood the test of time for hundreds of years. Any monastery you choose to visit in Suceava, you will be greeted by a nun or a monk who will tell you the history of the place in English and how things are organized in their monastery. What is advised for you to do after this presentation is to choose a bench or something to sit on and just stay there for a while and listen to the quiet rhythm of the life in there (it’s absolutely fantastic and relaxing). There are approximately 40 monasteries in this area but the most remarkable are Voronet, Sucevita, Moldovita, Humor (these four are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage) but also Putna (where Stefan cel Mare – Stephan the Great, one of Romania’s greatest medieval rulers and the one who had the majority of these monasteries built is buried).

From one mountain resort to another

This is another interesting part about Suceava: everything is wrapped up in spectacular and wonderful mountain landscapes. Therefore, the most important tours in Suceava should also include short visits to the resorts of the county: Vatra Dornei, Gura Humorului or Campulung Moldovenesc. Each of these can be a departure point for tours on the mountain which are marked accordingly with different symbols so if you love being on top of the mountains these are good places to start from. Moreover, the first two resorts mentioned are also equipped with ski slopes so that they are ideal for winter sports as well (in Vatra Dornei you will find the longest ski slope in the country). In Gura Humorului you can visit the city by taking a special train, called ‘mocanita‘(an old steam train that was used in the past to carry the wood through the forest). Furthermore, in Campulung Moldovenesc you can admire the ‘I. Tugui’ Collection which has more than 4500 wooden spoons from Romania and around the globe.

Suceava is a very eclectic county, it has a bit of something for everyone, you just can’t leave disappointed.

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