Most beautiful small towns in Moldova

Ok. These may not be your first choice if you ever decide to visit the historical Romanian region known as Moldova. Iasi should be by far the first item on your list, there’s no arguing there. But there are also smaller towns just as welcoming and attractive. These are the most beautiful small towns in Moldova, special, cozy places where traditions are still treasured and people have not found you the meaning of the word “stress”. Got your attention? Stay with me a little longer and at the end of this picturesque journey you’ll be convinced!

Targu Neamt

Located in the north-eastern part of the Neamt depression, about 42 km from Piatra Neamt, at an altitude of 425 m, the little town Targu Neamt has been famous among Moldovan settlements since fourteenth century when it became an important commercial centre. Its position, near some famous historical monuments and art, has turned it into a very attractive tourist center. One of the most famous tourist sights in this city is the Neamt Fortress. Built on the hill Plesu by Peter I Musat between 1382 and 1387, fortified by Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) in 1476, the fortress heroically resisted to the armies of Muhammad II, conqueror of Constantinople. You can visit it today as it is very well preserved and it will be a guaranteed journey to the past.

Vatra Dornei

I’m not being quite fair with this one because it’s also a mountain resort but I chose to include it here because it’s larger than a usual resort and because it’s half town, half-resort. Its location, surrounded by high mountains makes it one of the most beautiful towns in Moldova without any questioning. From the moment you arrive there, you enter a place where people know each other and everybody says “hi” to everybody. Apart from the ski track, which is under permanent development and well equipped for those who love this sport, Vatra Dornei also has mineral water springs, so that everybody there drinks this healthy, natural water. To get to the springs, you have pass through the central park where you will have a surprise. Go there with nuts in your hands and be sure you’ll find at least one friendly squirrel which will come and take those nuts right from your hands. The generic term for the squirrels in this park is “Mariana” so whenever you call them by this name they come and play with you. This is their natural environment; they are not kept in cages or anything like that, they just became familiar with so many tourists and are not afraid of people any longer.

Of course there are more towns that should be included in this list but these two are really worthy of your attention and have a special charm given maybe just by their being small, friendly, cozy towns.

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