Most Beautiful National Parks in Romania

No matter how hard we would try, we could never succeed in recreating what nature has so generously given us. Everywhere in the world there are natural forms that never stop delighting our eyes and souls. We should be really grateful to those who had the brilliant idea of protecting and preserving uniquely beautiful areas. Therefore, whenever you have the time, pay a visit to any of the many national parks in the world. If Romania is one of your choices, you should know that there are 11 national parks, 9 natural parks and 3 natural reservations here. Let’s talk about some of the most important national parks.

Retezat National Park

This is a really important area for Romanians as it is the first national park set up in this country, in 1935. Why is Retezatsuch a special place, worthy of protection? Well, because its 80 lakes within it are popularly knows as its ‘80 blue eyes’ or because it ‘hosts’ the largest glacial lake on the territory of Romania, Bucura Lake; or maybe because the deepest glacial lake in Romania, Zanoaga Lake, is also found there. Another reason would be its more than 20 peaks, each over 2000 meters high or the fact that it has 90 endemic species of plants that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Add to these the fact that its high peaks and foggy valleys are imbued with popular legends and tales about brave knights, gentle damsels and scary dragons and you will definitely be mesmerized by this uniquely wonderful place.

Ceahlau National Park

The Ceahlau Mountains are one of the most impressive massifs within Eastern Carpathians, which is why, in 2003 they became home to Ceahlau National Park. This is the youngest natural reservation in Romania, but equally important as the other ones. Though the species to be found here represent almost 30% of Romania’s flora, this park is renowned even better for the legends concerning the origin of the Ceahlau Mountain. The most fascinating one is about a young lady named Panaghia. She was extremely beautiful as she was made out of God’s heart and soul. So that she would be protected against people’s envy, the fairies took her to live in Hermit Ghedeon’s cave. One day, the Sun got a glimpse of her and he fell madly in love with her. His love was so great that he stopped his usual course so that his rays could caress Panaghia a little longer. When God heard about this, he got really mad and sent clouds to cover the Sun. Panaghia started crying and when God saw this he turned her into stone. However, the legend says that her heart and soul are still alive and still searching for the Sun’s caress.

Romanian national parks seem to have it all: beautiful nature, unique landscapes and intriguing legends.  Come and see for yourself!

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