Most Amazing Caves in Romania

There are more than 12, 000 caves in Romania, many of them having been discovered hundreds of years ago.

It’s difficult to make a top of the most amazing caves in Romania, since every cave has unique features that are sure to impress each tourist.

Did you know that?

The longest cave in Romania is Vantului Cave, found in The Padurea Craiului Mountains, which is closed for tourists, only cavers being allowed in. The most famous and largest ice cave in Romania is Scarisoara Cave, situated in The Apuseni Mountains, within Bihor County. Another ice cave, but with some special characteristics is The Cave of the Living Fire, where the ice within the cave has the color of fire at some point during the day due to the projection of the sun. Every year, a concert is organized inside The Romanesti Cave, from Timis County, the result being a spectacular show due to the way sounds are heard in this cave. At the entrance in The Ialomicioara Cave (The Bugegi Mountains), there is a small church, where people can get married, even if there are tourists inside the cave. If you’re lucky, you tour guide through the Dambovicioara Cave (The Piatra Craiului Mountains) will be a 5 year-old boy who is able to tell you the history of the cave either in English, French or German.

Not to be missed

One of the most fascinating natural monuments in Romania is Muerilor Cave (The Cave of the Women). You can visit here the Bat Gallery, where there are many bat colonies and the Bears’ Gallery, which has a lot of fossils of the prehistoric bear. They say that the cave has curative powers: if a woman who cannot have children visits it, then, she will surely get pregnant afterwards. These stories add a certain charm to the cave and make you feel as if you were within different spatial and temporal coordinates. Another interesting sight is Ursilor Cave (The Cave of the Bears), situated in Bihor County, in the Apuseni Mountains. The visit starts with the Gallery of the Bears, where there are a lot of well preserved parts of skeletons of ancient bears (the species is as Ursus Spelaeus and disappeared 15000 years ago). Next, you enter the Emil Racovita (founder of the 1st Speleological Institute in the world) Gallery which is followed by the Gallery of Candles. The last one is the most impressive as it is filled with very large stalagmites and stalactites, that look just like some candles, hence the name of the gallery. You should know that a stalactite has an average growth of 8-15 mm per century!

Regardless of the cave you choose to visit, take with you some warm clothes as well and adequate shoes. No matter how hot it is outside, inside the caves the temperature is even 10 degrees Celsius. I hope that reading about most amazing caves in Romania stirred your curiosity and made you wish to see the real thing. You should that as they are indeed wonderful!

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