Monastaries and churches in Sighisoara II

We cannot end our trip in Sighisoara without mentioning some of the most known monasteries and churches in Sighisoara. This is our second post on this subject since there are so many important monuments that deserve to be mentioned at appreciated. I hope you will enjoy our post to the fullest.

The Monastery of Dominican church

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Located in the central Square of  Sighisoara, the Dominican Church is neighbored with the Clock Tower. The church was mentioned in a Papal Indulgence by Pope Bonifacio the 18th in 1298. In the end of 15th century the church was modified and the construction became a hall church. The most important objects that can still be admired in the church are the bronze font in 1440, a wooden sheath sculptured in the Renascence style and 35 oriental carpets in the 17th century. The church is simply decorated; the altar dates back to the 1680 and the musical organ in the Baroque style are still being used today for the musical concerts.

St Josef Roman-catholic Cathedral

St Josef Roman Cathedral is one of the most renowned old churches in this medieval city. It was built in 1894 and is located in the north east part of Sighisoara. The foundation is built in the Neo-Classical style and it is inspired from the Italian tradition with decorative archways and Roman rosettes and bells. Due to a fire, only the statue of Righteous St Josef remained intact, the rest of the main altar being destroyed. Between 2005 and 2007, St Josef Roman- Catholic was restored.


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Malancrav is located on a secondary road, 25 kilometers from Sighisoara. The history of the fortified church, Malancrav is connected to the noble family named Apafi. Apafi is actually a city offered by the Hungarian king to this noble family. It is assumed that this church, unusually long, was built in the Romanic style and was founded in 1400. It was rebuilt in the Gothic style becoming a monument of the Transylvanian gothic.  The church is similar to a Basilica, and the steeple has 5 levels. The mural paintings which are very well kept are dating back to 1435.

If you are thinking of visiting Sighisoara then do not forget to pass by the monasteries and churches in Sighisoara. You will learn a lot of things about our history and spiritual values. More details you can find out on:

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