Leisure time in Iasi

Whenever visiting a new city, the first things you head for are its famous tourist sights: castles, museums, old houses and so on. The great part about Iasi is that it is very rewarding as far as sight seeing is concerned. However, when you just want to relax and enjoy some quality, leisure time in Iasi, you are also in the right city. You will find out why in what follows.


What is best to relax if not shopping? And Iasiis a good place to renew your wardrobe. Even if the offer is not as generous as in Bucharest, the many shopping centers here have many shops that can meet even the highest requirements. Iulius Mall, for instance, was opened in April 2000 and has over 200 shops of famous, national and international brands, a multiplex cinema with five rooms and a food court area consisting of 8 fast foods, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, a casino, a bowling and billiard club and a playground for children – KidsLand. Among the brands present here, there are: Puma, Adidas, Bata, House of Art, Triumph, Kenvelo and so on. Further on, you have Moldova Mall, located downtown, near the major attractions inIasi: thePalace ofCulture, the Church of the Three Hierarchs, the Metropolitan Church of Moldova, the National Theatre, the City Hall. The mall has over 100 stores that sell cosmetics, clothing and accessories, appliances, decorations and souvenirs. Other shopping centers, just as attractive, include: Era Shopping Park Iasi, the Central Hall Complex, Palas Mall and the Commercial Centre Felicia.


After a relaxing and enjoying afternoon doing shopping, you have to go out and boast your new clothes. In this regard, Iasi has an exciting nightlife as well. The most sought area is Tudor, where most young people gather for fun. The wide variety of cafes, terraces, bars and nightclubs are like a magnet for anyone looking for good entertainment. The most popular bars inIasiare: Deja-Vue, City Café, Black Out, Back Room 34, Alpin Weiss, Bourbon House. Club XS is one of the most popular clubs inIasi. Opened since 2003, the club is open three days a week, each with its own theme party: Wednesday – rock evenings, Friday – trance, techno and other underground styles and Saturday – clubbing with renowned DJs.The Viper Club, on the other hand, has many other attractions: a cafe, a restaurant, billiard, bowling, snooker, darts and gambling. At weekends, Viper Club is host of incendiary parties, where you will find the best DJs inRomaniaand most beautiful girls. For a pleasant evening with your friends, you can choose clubs Pharaoh Dome orBybloswhose ingredients of a successful evening are sexy dancers, the latest music and young people ready to rock. If you want to enjoy a romantic night and the weather is nice, then you can impress your partners on the Bucium or Copou hills, where a wonderful panorama ofIasican be admired.

Leisure time in Iasi can be really fun and entertaining and the best part is that everything comes wrapped in wonderful old buildings and beautiful scenery.

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