Important Romanian Inventions

Bucharest - People's PalaceDid you know that Bucharest was the first city in the world illuminated with oil (1858) or that the first experiments of flying took place in Romania? It would be interesting to see what the most important Romanian inventions are and if these have had any impact on your life. The one below is only a very short list of the most important and most widely known inventions of Romanian origin, but the country’s inventors and engineers have contributed to the culture of the 21st century with a large number of items from plans to inventions and discoveries.

The fountain pen

We all know how important a pen is nowadays and that this invention has been a truly remarkable asset for the writing instruments industry. I’m sure you’re not aware of this when you are using a pen, but you should know that it was invented by a Romanian young man. In 1821, during the revolution, Petrache Poenaru, mathematician, engineer, inventor, was Tudor Vladimirescu’s secretary (Vladimirescu was the leader of the revolution). His job had a lot to do with writing, that’s why he thought of inventing something to ease his work. After the revolution he managed to escape unharmed and won a French scholarship to complete his studies in Paris.  On 25th of May, in 1827, he received a patent from the French government for the world’s first fountain pen.

The jet aircraft

In October 1910, Paris hosted the second edition of the International Exhibition of Aeronautics.  The most interesting piece was a red plane, without any propeller, on whose tag it was written: COANDA – 1910.  This got everyone’s attention as it was really different from everything they had considered so far “a plane”.  The jet engine, invented and patented by Henri Coanda for the first time, was made up of one piston engine with four cylinders, cooled with water and measuring 50 horsepower. A lot of visitors were intrigued by this machinery but remained skeptic. They started to believe when Coanda, trying to check the engine, accidentally turned it on and the plane started to go faster and faster until it took off.  This was the first attempt to fly a jet aircraft. The latter was further developed and became what we all so well know already.

The ejection seat

While a lot of people were focusing on designing new ways of flying longer, in time and space respectively, there was one Romanian young man whose attention was mainly drawn to the safety of these machineries and of their passengers. His name was Anastase Dragomir and during the time he spent working in France he invented a new way of getting out of planes in case of emergency. His device, which was mainly a cell that was ejected from the plane, was tested in Paris in 1920, and later on, in 1929, in Bucharest.

Among important Romanian inventions or discoveries, there are also cybernetics (?tefan Odobleja – 1939), the insulin (Nicolae Paulescu – 1922) or ribosomes (George Palade – 1950).



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