How to travel in Timisoara

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Timisoara is the biggest city in the western part of Romania and one of the largest in Romania. If you are coming to Timisoara for the first time then you must ask yourself How to travel in Timisoara. The city itself has a well developed public system of transportation which can easily help you get from one attraction to other. If you are coming from Bucharest or from another Romania city then you might need some guidelines to help you a bit.

Train and airport

If you are coming from the Capital of Romania and heading towards Timisoara and thinking of taking the train then you have a 8 hour journey ahead of you. Most of the trains are bran modernized therefore air conditioning; a restaurant wagon and a plugging will not miss. The fastest way to get to Timisoara is however by airplane. Timisoara airport Traian Vuia was given to use in 1964 and is one of the most modern one in Romania. The flight from Bucharest to Timisoara takes approximately one hour and can cost approximately 100 EUR going, depending on the flight company you chose.

Rent a car

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My favorite mean of transportation every time I visit a new place is by car. You have the freedom to go whenever you want, wherever you want but most of all you can travel cheaper especially if you are traveling in a group. The funniest part is that you see many interesting things on your way to a certain destination and stop and admire them closely. If you haven’t brought your car with you then there is no need to worry as there are many companies to choose from. Here you can find one of the most known all over the world.

Travelling inside Timisoara

Most of the attractions in Timisoara are close therefore you can visit them by foot. If you want to experience the public transportation you can chose from a large networks of trams, trolleys and buses that are well divided thought the city. Taxi cabs can easily represent a viable and cheap taxi.  Make sure you take a taxi cab that has authorization and is registered. You can also look at the price of the kilometer visible on the right and left side of the car. The average price for one kilometer both day and night varies between 1.49 RON and 1. 69.
I hope the post managed to bring you all the necessary information and respond as concretely as possible to the question How to travel in Timisoara.


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