How to get to Brasov city

The train to Braşov, ©Aleksander Dragnes/Flickr

Brasov city is among the most popular destinations in Romania. The city was established by Teutonic Knights during the first half of the 13th century. Today it is a place visited by many tourists throughout the whole year. Compared to the capital city, Bucharest, Brasov is a calmer and possibly even more civilized town but still with a lot to see and lot to do.

You can visit Brasov during any time of the year for there are many activities and opportunities for all seasons. With the mountains near at hand you can escape in the shades of the woods in the hot summer or enjoy a nice winter holiday practicing your winter sport skills (skiing, snowboard, etc). Below we suggested a few ways and means of transport which will help you get to your destination: Brasov city.

Travel by train

Romanian express trains are affordable and quite comfortable which is the reason why traveling by train is one of the less expensive and easiest ways to get to Brasov city. There are trains running almost every hour between Bucharest and Brasov. Since Brasov is an important railway joint there are frequent trains from other cities as well throughout the country.

Brasov train station, ©cod_gabriel/Flickr

There is a daily connection between the Brasov and Budapest, the Hungarian capital, via Oradea or via Arad.  There are three kinds of fast trains in Romania: the Inter-City, the ‘rapid’ trains and the ‘accelerat’ trains.  ‘Accelerat’ trains are fast but their level of comfort cannot be compared to the one that the ‘rapid’ or Inter-City offers. There is another kind of train that runs in the country which is labeled as ‘personal’. It is the cheapest train with a low level of comfort and usually it is very crowded. It also stops at every single station along the way, which makes the journey very long. Sometimes you cannot even find a seat for yourself. Traveling comes with fatigue, but if you imagine standing through the whole way, it might not be your definition of fun. If you would like to get to Brasov with ease we suggest you choose one of the Inter-City trains or one of the ‘rapid’ ones.

The train to Braşov, ©Aleksander Dragnes/Flickr

Travel by car

Traveling by car is the most popular way to reach Brasov city. You can choose your own pace. There are no timetables, no ticket inspectors without fluent English, no bothersome travelling companions. You can stop whenever you like and enjoy the view of the picturesque hills and mountains along the way. The main road that takes you to Brasov is the E60 (European Road) which links the city to Oradea, Budapest, Cluj-Napoca in the west and to the capital in the south. Road E68 is connected to Sibiu, Arad and Timisoara, while E574 leads to the north: the region of Moldavia and Iasi. If you choose to travel by car don’t forget you car papers, green card and driving license.

Traveling by car,©Emmanuel Dyan/Flickr

Travel by plane

Brasov city does not have its own airport but there are is one with international traffic at the capital city, Bucharest and in Sibiu. Both cities are about 150 km distance from Brasov. A bus or train will take you from Brasov to any of these cities or vice versa.

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