Historical vestiges on the Romanian shore

Romanian shore is not only famous for its beaches and parties organized here every summer, but also for the historical vestiges on the Romanian shore. I have selected the most important ones to give a brief detail of it.


Fortress © geograph.ie

Adamclisi is the place where one of the most important historical monuments in Dobrogea is located, Tropaeum Traian is the proof of Roman domination on this lands. The monument was built at the command of Emperor Traian in order to celebrate the Roman’s victory over the Dacians. The monument resembles Traian column in Rome, the historical assuming they were built by the same architect, Apolodor from Damask.

Calatis fortress

City of Mangalia is a Dorian fortress that was built by the Greeks who came from Heraclea Pontica in the 4th century before Christ. Calatis fortress records a great economical, social and political development presented both in the written document and in the archeological discoveries. The city had numerous temples, aqueducts and Roman bridges.  We have here the oldest document in Latin in the South East of Europe.

Histria fortress

Fortress © fotopedia.com

This is the oldest city in our country. It was founded in the 7th century before Christ by the Greek colonists that came from Milet. The intense trade exchanges, the developed agriculture and political life of that period made Histria one of the most prosperous antique cities. The fortress was submitted to many changes. You can admire in Histria the old remains of the fortress, the defense walls, the thermal baths, the streets and stores. Zeus temple and Afrodita temple that are located inside the fortress can testify in the evolution of civilization on Pont Euxinus.

Cernavoda (Axiopolis)

Some important discoveries present precious data on the location of Axiopolis in Greek, Roman and Byzantine times. The documents mention this as one of the oldest locations in the country. On Sofia Hill, north of the city, there have been discovered remains of a former settlement and of a cemetery from Hamangia culture. It was here that the famous clay figurines, the thinker and the Female Figurine in Cernavoda are among the oldest and most beautiful artistic representation of humankind, 5000 BC.

There are only a few of the most important historical vestiges on the Romanian shore. For more details click on http://www.tour-romania.com/highlight/black_sea.html. This is your chance to discover the past of a great people. Do not miss the opportunity!

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