Having fun in Constanta

This is maybe one of the best towns to spend summer in, believe me. As soon as the calendar turns June, everyone is packing their bags and head to the seaside. It’s unavoidable when you that in Romania, summer means torrid heat with no humidity. Having fun in Constanta is really easy because this town is designed as a large seaside resort where you can enjoy sandy beaches, wonderfully warm water and lots of good time.

On the beach

Beach © nopsa.hiit.fi

This is the cheapest way to have fun; you take a towel, your bathing suit, something to drink, a couple of friends and you’re set. I think the seaside is like a time machine for everyone because the minute you touch the sand and see the waves you instantly become years younger and the fun begins. You can then relax, have a drink at the bars near the beach, take a stroll along the beach, meet new people, find out something new about Constanta and the Black Sea … all in all, the beach is the perfect place where to start your adventure in Constanta.

Pubs and Clubs

Pub © fotopedia.com

So, the evening has come and you want to go somewhere and show off your brand new tan? Well, you have numerous choices: Summer Crush, Jezoo, Princess, La Mania, Tribute, Ugly Pub, Megalos and I just can go on and on and on. Because Constanta becomes Romania’s capital during the summer, these clubs hosts important events, famous bands and DJ’s, theme parties, everything thought of for you to enjoy yourself. Many of them also have pools so that dancing comes along with nocturnal baths and refreshing.

Gravity Park

Ok, maybe you’re not the kind of person to spend night after night in a club. I have just the thing for you: the largest park in Romania for extreme sports (Roller Skating, Skateboard, Speed Climbing, Bouldering, Trial and Dirt Jump). What do you say? Having fun in Constanta just reached a high new level. This park was inaugurated in 2008 next to the City Park Mall and has become a very popular place to spend time for young people and not only. Whether you are only a beginner or an advanced practitioner, or you may just want to watch, Gravity Park is the ideal place for you.

I hope I have convinced you that Constanta is an eclectic place where everyone can find something to do and really enjoy doing it. It’s an amazing town which really transforms itself during the summer so that your staying there be an unforgettable one.

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