Have fun playing bowling in Oradea

Bowling at Oradea Shopping City, ©Eniko Seres/private photo

The game of bowling is a social activity where sport really meets fun. The first forms of bowling were played in ancient Egypt and even back in the time of the Roman Empire. During the ages the game evolved and finally the rules of today’s standard bowling were set in the year of 1895 in New York, USA. Today, in the 21st century the game of bowling has been converted into video games and such as well but the real fun happens only when you touch the bowling ball with your own fingers and you hear the clinking sound of the falling pins. Luckily when you visit Oradea you have the opportunity to practice this fun game in more than one place. You can either choose to ‘bowl’ at Lotus center or Oradea Shopping City.

Bowling tips for beginners

In case you did not have the opportunity to play a good match of bowling we will advise you with a few tips in the following section which will help you to choose the right ball for yourself, to position it and yourself in the correct way.

Bowing balls come in different seizes and weights, most precisely they can be between 4.8 and 7.2 kilograms. This means that before jumping in the middle of fun you must select a ball that is right for you. You can try which ones fit your fingers and are more comfortable to lift. Now let the game begin!

Bowling Balls, ©Heisenberg Media/Flickr

When you found the perfect ball you must hold and position it in a way that it will be in line with your right shoulder which is on an imaginary line that is connected with your target: the pins. Your wrist should be positioned next to your hip. Run up and when you stop put your weight on your leg which is opposite to the hand that holds the ball. Make sure your last steps are not too big but not too short either, for it will rush you and affects the accuracy of the throw. Find the ideal distance for the throw then with a powerful push let go of the ball.

Bowling position, ©U.S. Embassy New Delhi/Flickr

Don’t worry if you won’t succeed for the first time. Practice makes perfect! If you have any questions or you need help, the employees of Cortina Bowling will be more than happy to help you out.

Bowling at Cortina

Cortina Bowling is located inside Oradea Shopping City. The facility will definitly offer you an authentic bowling experience. The bowling zone is equipped by Qubica – AMF, world leader bowling equipment, and includes eight bowling tracks which are similar to the ones used at world championships. You can hold your own sporting event inside the facility.

Bowling at Oradea Shopping City, ©Eniko Seres/private photo

Visit Oradea Shopping Center and try the best bowling tracks in the city of Oradea.

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