Guided tour between Baile Herculane and the Vaporous Caves

The entrance of Thieves Cave, Eniko Seres/Flickr

The entrance of Thieves Cave, Eniko Seres/Private photo

Thanks to the Carpathian Mountain range Romania has several hiking opportunities all over the country, but not only the Carpathian Mountains offer such possibilities. Visit Baile Herculan and join in the expedition. The tour from Baile Herculane towards the Vaporous Caves is a 1-1/2 hour long journey which is marked by blue triangles.

From the Vaporous Caves through Adam’s Cave and the Cave of Thieves it takes aproximately another hour. From there the journey continues towards Despicatura Cave back to Baile Herculane. The whole length of this tour goes along the right side of the Cerna River. All these locations can be found along the fraction line of the Ciorici peak (413 meters).

The Vaporous Caves and Adam’s Cave

The journey starts at Hercule Market where you must climb the stairs winding upwards on the left side of the Romano-Catholic church. Take the Bat’s Walk and follow the blue triangle signs which lead you along the serpentines through woodlands to a wooden house on the Ciorici peak. Take a short break and admire the scenery overlooking Cernei Valley and the Domogled Mountains, then follow the path leading to the Vaporous Caves where 52°C hot sulfurous vapors come out from stone crack.

Vaporous cave's guideline, Eniko Seres/Flickr

Vaporous cave’s guideline, Eniko Seres/private photo

The next stop is Adam’s Cave, named after an explorer from Baile Herculane called Nicolae Adam. Explore the Guano Hall and the Vaporous gallery which has a temperature between 30-45°C both during the summer and winter season.

Cave of Thieves

Exiting Adam’s Cave head towards Cerna River climb down an abrupt slope and reach the Cave of Thieves known by the locals as Robber’s Mouth or Thieves’ mouth. The cave has three openings which lead to the gallery and hall system.

The entrance of Thieves Cave, Eniko Seres/Flickr

The entrance of Thieves Cave, Eniko Seres/private photo

Inside there are several inscriptions and emblems painted on the walls from the 18-19th century which have historical importance. Archeological excavations have found numerous exhibits which prove the existence of life from the Paleolithic and Neolithic age therefore the site is considered as an archeological reservation.

Cave of Thieves, Eniko Seres/private photo

Cave of Thieves, Eniko Seres/private photo

The journey back

As you step outside the Cave of Thieves you will climb down some concrete stairs and follow the path along the bank of Cerna River which leads towards the town. You will pass near the Roman Baths and get to the Hygeea Cave and two other caves with thermal water inside: spring of Hercules I and the Despicatura Cave. Pass by Hercule Market and reach Diana spring after the first bridge and the cave bearing the same name together with a gallery closed by an iron gate.

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