Going out in Brasov

So, you’re in one of Romania’s most beautiful cities and aren’t sure where to go? After reading ‘Going out in Brasov’ you’re sure to be packed up with useful information and ready to explore the town.

Laughter is brightest, in the place where the food is…

One of the hidden jewelries of the historic center is Bistro de l’Arte where you can find at the same time good food and fine drinks but also an art gallery, live music and theatrical performances. All these really deserve a visit. The building of the restaurant dates back to the 16th century and is one of the most important monuments in town. In 2000, the building was modernized but the original door was preserved; the restaurant, thus, blends the street aspect with wooden furniture in a very stylish manner. The food prepared there is mainly French and it respects the features of a real ‘bistro’. The onion soup served there has become quite famous, so be sure not to miss it. You can also just spend some quiet time, drinking a cup of tea while reading the newspapers that are permanently at your disposal. The address of the restaurant is Piata Enescu, 11bis but don’t worry if it seems difficult to remember. Just ask someone to give you directions; everyone knows where Bistro de l’Arte is.

There’s nothing like a good party…

If you want to dance and have some fun, Brasov is all about parties. Maybe the most interesting club would be Cocoon Club as its location is unique in Romania: it is placed inside the old fortress of Brasov. Though it is not very large, almost 200 people party there every night. Dub step, drum and bass music makes the law in Escape, an excellent place for the young people in Brasov. The Kasho Café, that is to be found on the second floor of the commercial center My Place, metamorphoses itself into Kasho Club at night.

Let’s have fun

If you’re getting tired of all the dancing, at the basement of the My Place, there is another place where you can have fun. The Dash Club is waiting for you with all kinds of games: bowling, snooker, and darts. Also, Brasov hosts the largest active amusement park: the Adventure Park. You can choose between 8 different routes that involve amusing and engaging sports activities. There are very safe routes that children can take, marked by purple and very difficult ones, marked by black, where you have to be very well trained to do.

As you can see, going out in Brasov means having a lot of fun, seeing and experimenting new things.

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