Things to know about Brasov for visitors

Brasov by night

The German name of Brasov is Kronstadt, its Hungarian name is Brasso and it has a population is of 283.901 people. Between September 8th 1950 and December 24th1960 it has been known as The City Stalin because it was the capital of the Region Stalin. In 1968 it became the municipality of the county Brasov. Today it is one of the largest and most important cities in Romania. This article  If you are in pursuit of a dream holiday, a perfect spot where you can lay back and enjoy the beauty of the nature, where you can discover something new every step of the way, then guide to Brasov for visitors is going to give you some ideas on why this city is so highly recommended by Romanians and foreign tourists alike.

Short history

The first written documents attesting Brasov’s existence date from 1234, from the so called “Catalogus Ninivensis”. The city can be traced, however, back to the Neolithic and Bronze ages as signs of people living there have been found near Brasov. Since it is surrounded by mountains the city was seen as the perfect place to build a fortress. Thus, the old city set up by the Teutonic Knights in 1211 is one of the fewest Middle Ages that was conserved so well. The German colonists settled in Brasov and remained until present day, being part of the place’s cultural life, history, politics and so on. Many of the architectural monuments one can admire in Brasov reflect the German civilization that settled there from the 13thcentury onwards. Also, everything that was built in the city was organized after the contemporary European model.




Brasov connects Transylvania with Wallachia and Moldavia, being bordered by Mountain Tampa, Mountain Postavarul and Mountain Piatra Craiului. The connections to the other historic regions are made through the gorges Bran, Predeal, Oituz and Buzau. The average temperature during the summer is between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius while during the winter it is between -10 and -2 degrees Celsius. Mountain Postavarul is the best Romanian destination for ski, the resort Poiana Brasov being famous for winter sports. Not very far from Brasov, there are the Fagaras Mountains, the highest in Romania (the Moldoveanu peak, 2543m high, the Negoiu peak, 2535 m high). Brasov is only 163 km far from Bucharest, so it is the favorite weekend destination for the majority of people living in the capital whenever they want a short, relaxing holiday.


Since there are two airports in Bucharest welcoming tourists from any part of the world (not to mention Brasov’s own smaller airport), this city proves to be very well positioned for each and every one of you. For more things to know about Brasov, just come and check it personally!

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