Five star experience in Oradea

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, ©Eniko Seres

Traveling can be very tiresome and long journeys come with fatigue and knowing this, Hilton’s Double Tree welcomes every client with a chocolate chip cookie which freshly comes out from the oven. The hotel’s staff is incredibly friendly and considerate. All employees at Double Tree hotel are dedicated to provide personalized service during your stay. From the moment you arrive until the moment you step out, you are appreciated and cared for. Double Tree invites you to enjoy and experience its stylish rooms, sleep experience, premium products and fitness rooms.

Take a look

The Double Tree hotel by Hilton is situated in a green area of Oradea. The hotel is modern, beautiful and serves perfectly those who visit the city and wish to discover the amazing city of Oradea. All rooms and suits in this hotel are furnished in a modern and stylish way. Accommodation also includes television and work desks. You can relax in the spa area or enjoy the indoor pool. Hilton Double Tree thinks of everything. There are rooms where you can hold business meetings, a ballroom for parties and delicious Mediterranean food to top all of it.

Hotel Hilton under construction, ©korom/Flickr

Indoors and outdoors

As it was mentioned the hotel is located in a green area. It is very near to a park where you can go for a run or a walk in case you need some fresh air. The hotel is not exactly situated in the downtown area however it takes only a 5-10 minute walk to get to the city center.

Bratianu Park near the Hotel, ©Eniko Seres

What makes it even more idyllic is that the hotel is set on the riverside of Crisul Repede River, so while you walk yourself towards downtown, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the riverbank. On the other hand if you would like to spend your time indoors, Hilton Double Tree offers a ballroom which can take in about 280 guests, Eforea Spa and a restaurant that serves Mediterranean food.

Activities in the city: Get active!

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, ©Eniko Seres

Hilton Double Tree is within walking distance from leisure activities and major businesses. You can explore all the restaurants, bars and shops on the pedestrian precinct and in the large malls of the city: Lotus Center, Oradea Shopping City and Era Park. Whenever you feel stressed or you just need a breath of fresh air just stroll along the riverbank of the Crisul Repede, which is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Not far from the city you find relaxing hot springs where you can let the minerals knock out all the stress and pain from your body. Visit the fortress of Oradea or learn about the history of the Moon Church and the Roman Catholic Cathedral. Enjoy Oradean nightlife at the Palace Arcade of the Black Hawk. Get everything you need at Oradea’s five star hotel: Hilton Double Tree.

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