Discovering the hidden treasures of Timisoara

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Discovering the hidden treasures of Timisoara might not be an easy task for someone new in town but we are trying to help you and bring you some information about this lovely city and some of its most unknown places and figures, representative for its development.

Timisoara football team

Timisoara football team,Polytechnic Football club, is one of the most loved football teams in Romania because of the values it represents: fair play, team spirit and determination. Polytechnic Football club was founded in 1921 and it played for many years in A League. At the moment, Timisoara football club does not play anymore due to a scandal involving its owner, Marian Iancu, who did not pa its taxes to the state. Despite all these problems, Timisoara football team remains in the hearts and minds of Romanians all over the country.

A 330 years tree

In Timisoara we discover a tree hat has 330 years old. It survived the Turks attacks and it was not destroyed by fires or by the German bombings during the world wars. Its 21 meters hight and 4.5 meters diameter impresses both locals and tourists. The tree is protected as any historical monument by an iron fence. Although it spreads both on the street and pedestrian area, making the traffic a bit more difficult, nobody dares to take any actions against the tree in the middle of the street, as locals name it. During 2012 national contest, the tree reached the finals and has the chance to win the title of the Tree of the year in Romania.

Timisoara beer factory

Beer glass ©

Timisoara beer factory is another reason of bride for the locals. It was founded in 1718 at the initiative of the Austrian authorities under the command of Prince Eugene of Savoia and it fulfilled a basic need of Timisoara: supplementing the drinkable water. The present location still keeps old remains of the way things used to work in the 18th century. In the 20th century it was well recognized and appreciated by the beer producers in the world for its invention, the beer filter being one of them.  The beer factory is bought in 2001 by SABMiller while in 2007, Ursus Breweries began an investment plan for modernizing Timisoara beer factory. This is one of the most visited attractions of the area. If you are lucky you might even go home with a sample of this famous beer. Cheers! For more details please read

Discovering the hidden treasures of Timisoara brought light on three of the most representative things forTimisoara and its people. There are still many stuff to find out, thus keep on searching as it will be a pleasant one.

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