Discovering Constanta

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Discovering Constanta is a continuous journey towards Romanian history, towards the beauty of our natural landscape; it is a journey you must start when you arrive in our country. You can arrive here either by place, by train, car of bus. All the roads lead to Constanta, it seems.

The ancient city in Romania

Constanta is the oldest city certificated on the Romanian territory, being mentioned in the history in 757 BC when on the same spot a Greek colony was founded called Tomis. The territory was conquered by Romans and called Constantiana, after the sister of Emperor Constantin the Great.

Constanta suffered many changes becoming a simple fisherman city under the occupation of Turks. It soon became a modern city after Cernavoda railway was built in 1865. In 1877 Romanian fought its independence war, after this moment Constanta became the main port of the state.

Present development

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Today, Constanta is the biggest port at Black Sea and is on the 4th place in Europe. The city is located in the county with the same name, in the south east of Romania. Constanta is mostly famous for its beach, crowded with tourists during the summer time. It is quite interesting to visit Constanta during winter time, as well. Constanta owns a 6 kilometers beach, the North part of Constanta being Mamaia, the most populated resort on the seacoast. Constanta offers many possibilities of spending your vacation here. Besides sunbathing, you can cruise on the Black Sea. Constanta is also an important cultural center. You will have the chance to visit the state theater, National theater of Opera, and the Oleg Danovschi Ballet.  It is also famous due to its museums: Natural Science Museum which is made up of Delfinarium, Planetarium, Astronomical Observatory, Sea museum, Aquarium, the museum of Constanta Port.

You will discover various architectural styles which reflect the dominations of Turks and Romans in this part of Romania. The Casino, the only example of Art Nouveau in Romania, is one of the main attractions in Constanta. That is why it is considered the symbol of the city. The big mosque and the synagogue can still be visited as well as the new mosque built in 1910 in moor style. Roman edifice in the second century or the Genoa lightning house is together with the Greek Church, the oldest edifices in the city. During the evening, tourists can walk on the promenade listening to the sounds of waves or admiring the sun as it goes down in the sea.

Discovering Constanta tried to bring you only a few aspects and the most interesting one about a vibrating city, full of color and youth. For your summer vacation this is the most welcoming places of all. Check out

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