Cultural Events at Bran

This spectacular Romanian resort tells more than the Gothic story everyone is familiar with. Surprisingly for some of you, not everything at Bran revolves around the legend of Dracula. Moreover, the focal point of attraction for this place is its medieval legacy. As such, many cultural events at Bran exploit this castle’s medieval aura.

Rockin’ Transilvania

This is an open air festival that usually takes place every year in June on the plateau named ‘The Heart of the Queen’ which is to be found near the castle. Numerous foreign artists are invited to this festival, among those who came to the 2010 edition being: Alight (Italy), Contradiction (Germany), Firefly (Netherlands), Handful Of Rain (Spain), In Slumber (Austria). Above good music, this festival also offers culinary attractions, being the ideal pretext for spending a wonderful weekend in this beautiful mountain resort. In 2010, the festival also organized the final of the famous international music contest ‘W:O:A Metal BattleRomania’. An international jury chose the band that represented Romania in that year’s international grand final which took place in August in Germany, within one of the largest world music festivals, Wacken Open Air (approx. 80 000 people annually).

The tournament of the fortresses

Between 14 to15 August 2010, the medieval festival ‘Tournament of the fortresses’ took place at Bran. In distant times, overseas there were four fortresses in four corners of the world. Each fortress was traditionally represented by a knight. At the same magic time, there was also the story of a lovely reigning princess who shone over the four fortresses. But when the time came for her to marry … the four knights had to compete in a tournament to win the hand of the beautiful princesses. Said and done! Guided by the spirits of good, knights fought day and night. To their help also came … fire shows, dancers who throw themselves into fire, archers with fire arrows, torches. As you can imagine, the atmosphere to this tournament was great. Everyone was excited to see who would win the princess and the difficulties the contestant would overcome. The Middle Ages are times that instantly attract thousands of tourists indeed.

These are only few exemplas of what usually goes round at Bran as there are events taking place there all year long. The cultural events at Bran also include the early celebration of Halloween with a spectacular party that takes you back to the times when the frightening count Dracula ruled this place. But this is not a party to read about, it’s one you should definitely experience on your own.

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