Celebrities born in Timisoara

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Timisoara is the city that gave to the world some of its greatest names in fields such as aviation, cinema and literature.  We will bring light on three important celebrities born in Timisoara. I bet you did not know they were Romanians.

Ioan Holender

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Iona Holender was born in Timisoara in 1935 in a Jew family. He studies Polytechnics in Timisoara but after a speech hold during the student’s revolt in 19320, he got expelled. He left with his father to Vienna where his mother was living. He registered at the Music School in Vienna and then he began singing as a baritone. After a while he started activating as an artistic manager. In 1988 he is appointed general secretary of Vienna Opera and People’s Opera. He soon became manager of both institutions. Between 1992 and 2010 he was manager of the state opera in Vienna. Ioan Holender  was the longest term director in the history of Vienna state opera. His merits were recognized as well in Romania, receiving the honor of being president and artistic director of George Enescu Festival between 2007 and 2009 and in 2011 as well.  Ioan Holender is honor citizen of Timisoara and Cluj and doctor honoris causa of Bucharest and Timisoara Universities.

Traian Vuia

Traian Vuia was born in Surducu Mic, Timis country in 1872. Since he was little he made a passion out of applied mechanics. He started by building kites and then he studies more carefully the possibility for humans to fly. He starts building the first flying machine which he calls automobile aero plan. He will soon remain in the pages of history in 1906 when the machine he built will be able to fly on a range of 12 meters. The newspapers wrote that Traian Vuia was the first men to fly with a machine heavier than air, equipped with its own landing, propulsion and taking over systems. He also expanded his area of inventions: two helicopters, a steam generator. He was recognized as the pioneer of the modern aviation.

Johnny Weissmuller

Jihnny Weissmuller was born in 1904 in Freidorf neighborhood, in Timisoara, at the time part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. His parents emigrated to the United States of America. Being ill, Johnny Weissmuller was sent to swimming classes. This was the beginning of the 5 times Olympic Champion and many times national and World Champion.  He only became famous in 1934 when he becomes an actor for Tarzan Series.
These are three icons of the western part of Romania, three celebrities born in Timisoara. More information on other personalities you can read on http://www.ranker.com/list/olympic-athletes-born-in-timi%C5%9Foara/reference

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