Celebrities born in Sighisoara

Sighisoara is not only one of the most well preserved and beautiful strongholds in Europe but it can also pride itself with remarkable personalities of the cultural and historical life that were born or lived here.  Here we have it some of the celebrities born in Sighisoara.


Tourists that come to Sighisoara are attracted by the mysteries of the fortress but also by the legends of Dracula. The most famous personality that was born in Sighisoara is Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impeller). There are many legends about Vlad Tepes called also the Knight of Rightness. He was known for his ability to promote honesty and order, almost every crime from lying to stealing and killing was punished by impaling.  In order to test the efficiency of his laws, it is said that he had left a golden cup in a market for everyone to see it but nobody stole it. Vlad Tepes is associated with Dracula character without a historical ground. Dracula appears in the documents of time in the Dragon’s Order received by his father. This Romanian prince is at the grounds of the legendary character Dracula created by Bram Stoker and who made it famous all over the world. Fascinated by the mystery of this character, tourists are attracted by the places where Vlad Tepes dwelled.

Marioara Tanase

Marioara Tanase was born in 1940 at Sighisoara. The well known singer of popular and romance music comes from a family that loved traditional music. Though she had a short career, Marioara Tanase is known as one of the most important representative of the popular music in Transylvania. She gathered songs of a priceless artistic value which she promoted both in Romania and outside of it. She won both national and international trophies. Together with Rapsodia Romana she won the Golden temple price in Italy. Her pleasant voice and her exceptional vocal qualities allowed her to perform beautiful and impressive romances. She became the symbol of Romanian popular music and that is why Romanian public will never forget her.

Hermann Oberth

One of the founders of the rocket science and that built the first rocket model at 14 years old was Hermann Oberth. He was fascinated by Jules Verne books. In 1929 he launched the first liquid combustion rocket. Oil crises made him focus on the alternative means of energy leading him towards the idea of an Aeolian power plant. After his death, Hermann Oberth society continued his work.

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