Brasov City Highlights

Carpathian Mountains near Brasov, ©cod_gabriel/Flickr

Brasov city is located in the center of the country, in the region of Transylvania and is one of the biggest and most visited cities in Romania. The city is surrounded by mountains on three sides which makes it an ideal place for a medieval town. The original city was founded in the year of 1211 by the Teutonic Knights which today is one of the best preserved towns all over Europe. Hundreds of tourists come and visit Brasov throughout the whole year for its amazing historical sites and stunning landmarks. The city has several sights to see inside and around the city. Explore Brasov and its surrounding countryside where the people are friendly and the air is fresh.

What to see

Being situated near the feet of the Carpathian Mountains, Brasov city is a perfect place to set out for a hike in the mountains. If you would rather stroll around the streets of Brasov we recommend you visit the beautifully constructed and decorated buildings. There are plenty architectural sites in baroque, renaissance and gothic style which are well worth a visit. Take a walk on the famous Rope Street and the Town Hall Square. There is much to see in Brasov city.

Overlooking the old center of Brasov, ©Horia Varlan/Flickr

Grab the Rope

It is said that Brasov has the narrowest street on the continent of Europe. The street is called Rope Street which is about four feet wide. In the beginning the street was a route used by firefighters.

Rope Street, ©hsivonen/Flickr

Strolling downtown

Go for a nice walk around the old Town Hall Square of Brasov where you can gaze at the beautifully and colorfully painted and decorated baroque style buildings. We recommend you visit the Black Church, probably the largest church in the country built in Gothic style. The church was blackened during a fire in 1689 which gives it the name Black Church. View the impressive “interior design” of the church and its enormous organs.

Town Hall Square of Brasov, ©bortescristian/Flickr

In touch with nature

For those who like a nature adventures we suggest you head towards the amazing Carpathian Mountains surrounding the city. Explore the rolling fields, the lovely villages around the area and the fortified churches. Go for a hike in the thick forests and gather some raspberry but beware, for you might meet a bear or two in the bushes.

Carpathian Mountains near Brasov, ©cod_gabriel/Flickr

The Crown City

During the middle ages, Brasov used to be the town that linked the trade routes between the Ottoman Empire and the western region of Europe. The Saxons had a great political influence on the town during this time and named the city Kronstadt (the crown city) which reflects this influence. The city’s Latin name, Corona, also underlines the fact. Brasov had and still has fortifications which continually expanded with towers and such during medieval times.

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