Brasov – shoppers only!

The title of this article obviously makes reference to women, though not exclusively, since they are more susceptible of organizing a holiday into a new town something like this: day 1 – important sights, day 2 – museums, day 3 – shopping. Or, if the town is not so new and the sights and museums are very well known, then it’s day 1, 2, 3 – shopping. They’re not to blame of course, since in every town, from the smallest to the most cosmopolite, you are likely to find at least one shopping center where to plunge in. Being one of Romania’s most important cities, Brasov seems the perfect place for those of you who love shopping. As such, Brasov – shoppers only! may prove useful if you want to ‘visit’ as many shops as possible.

The ‘mall’ culture

Any mall in Romania is likely to be filled with people who are there just for window-shopping or for hanging out. It’s like going to a café or a pub. The largest one in Brasov is Unirea Shopping Center which has the same structure like the majority of Romanian malls: a supermarket (in this case Penny supermarket), commercial spaces and on the last floor, entertainment spaces and fast-food. You can also choose Magnolia Shopping Center or the Corona Gallery – House of Style. The latter is situated in the Council Square (Piata Sfatului), in a building dating back to 1545 and which is has been included on the list of UNESCO monuments. As such, it perfectly blends the historic value of the building with modern and innovative shops and brands. You can easily imagine the unique charm this shopping center has, seducing its visitors at once over and over again.

Through the city

If you are not the kind to lose track of time in a mall and would enjoy better a walk through town and checking out the shops you see, then Brasov – shoppers only! is here for you as well. The main shopping street in Brasov is Republicii Street, only for pedestrians. There are various kinds of shops and boutiques on this street, where you can find clothes and jewelry but also books, souvenirs or handicrafts. You can also try Muresenilor Street, again with very different shops from clothes to antiques and art. As taste is differs from one person to another, it seems useless to give you names of shops where to go. If you already know where to look, then, the pleasure of discovering a nice shop or an interesting item to buy is all yours.

Not being a fan of large shopping centers, my recommendation would obviously be to choose the Republicii Street and enjoy fresh air and a nice walk. Regardless of this opinion though, the point is that Brasov is a rich city in shopping choices and can successfully meet all expectations.

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