Bran – A traditional resort

I know I have told you this already but I have to repeat myself. Bran does not revolve only around Dracula and its castle. In fact, Bran is a very traditional resort, where you can experience folk and popular practices and events that have been taking place since time immemorial. The inhabitants of Bran are very fond of these traditions and people all over the country come to see them since they’re truly special events.

The Cheese and Pastrami Festival

Every year, at the beginning of October, the Cheese and Pastrami Festival (Ravasitul oilor) takes place at Bran. It’s a traditional event, symbolizing the end of the year’s activities for the local shepherds who climb down the mountain with their herds and prepare for winter. Those who attend the event have the opportunity to sing, dance and all sorts of interesting and fun events, including eating specific foods, especially ‘bulz’ (traditional Romanian dish with cheese), sheep cheese and pastrami obtained in local households. Also, on this occasion craftsmen across the country exhibit their traditional items: pottery, objects of folk costumes, fabrics, sculptures, etc.

Sumedru’s Fire

This is a celebration of life and death, taking place at the beginning of winter, on Saint Dumitru’s Day. Children dressed in specific costumes set a big fire and play high sacred dances around it. The bravest of them jumps over the fire of Sumedru, protector of crops and shepherds. Pre-Christian roots of this custom are found in the celebration and death and rebirth, by incineration. This practice symbolizes the death of phytomorphic deities, being a ceremony that depicts the violent death of the aged god of at the end of the year. Fire, therefore, has a purifying and regenerating role. The ash, burning coal and other debris from the fire are taken by villagers to fertilize gardens and orchards. The fire is usually set on the hills to be seen from great distances, providing a unique spectacle. Locals call everyone to attend the ceremony shouting: ‘Come to the fire of Sumedru’.

As you can see Bran is a warm place with gay and friendly people strongly linked to traditions and local customs. They will welcome you with pleasure and traditional dishes largely based on sheep cheese. Going back to times when things were so much simpler is a wonderful experience and to this end, Bran, a traditional resort, cannot be a more suitable choice.

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