Best restaurants in Sighisoara

Sighisoara is not only famous for being one of the most well preserved fortresses in Europe that is still dwelled but also for the fact that tourists eat very well in these parts of the country. The following article will present some of the best restaurants in Sighisoara, suggestion of some places that are more that simple locations to eat. We should return to the true experience of eating.

Vlad Dracul restaurant

Vlad Dracul restaurant is located in the heart of Sighisoara, very close to the Clock Tower. The uniqueness of the place lies in the 15th century frescos placed in the medieval hall, one of them representing Vlad Dracul. This is the only portrait of Vlad Dracul that is exhibited. Vlad Dracul restaurant welcomes more than 120 people inside and 60 people on the terrace. Besides international cuisine, the restaurant prides itself with a large variety of Romanian traditional dishes such as Prince Dracula Dish, Palinca din Ardeal (Ardeal brandy) and the famous blood of the vampire-Vampire wine. Those who prefer beer will be more than happy to find out that the restaurant has a taproom downstairs.

Concordia restaurant

Concordia restaurant is located in an impressive building, part of the historical heritage of the city built in 1800. The details of the building made in stone are still visible to the eye. The restaurant was opened in ‘90s, having an Italian specific. Every order makes you think of the romantic places inItaly. The wonderful atmosphere and a various menu combined with the politeness of the staff are only a few of this restaurant’s main characteristics; Concordia restaurant also has a terrace, an ideal spot for relaxing during summer time. The prices are quite good and the food is really great.

Stag House

Stag House is another historical monument where one can serve a delicious meal. The restaurant is located in the center of Sighisoara. The name of the restaurant comes from exterior mural painting, representing a stag in its natural size. The stag house is one of the oldest and interesting buildings in the fortress. It suffered changes from the wooden and simple spot in the 13th place to the complex place dating in the 17th century, while in the 21th century it was completely restored. From traditional Romanian dishes to special menus for special occasions, Stag House in Sighisoara is the perfect place.

Three restaurants with three different stories but all connected to the same place fantastic place, Sighisoara. I hope you will have the time and the curiosity to pass by them as they are without the best restaurants in Sighisoara. For a more detailed list on the restaurants in Sighisoara, please visit this site.

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