Best restaurants in Constanta

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I must confess, writing about the best places where to eat in this city is a real pleasure because I get to tell you about one of my favorite restaurants in Romania. I have some special places all around the country which I never miss whenever I’m there and one of them happens to be in Constanta. Therefore, writing about the best restaurants in Constanta will be somewhat subjective (another confession) and will involve a lot of information about one restaurant in particular.

La Scoica

This is mainly a pizza restaurant, the best pizza in the world (what did I just tell about subjectivity?). I know this is an exaggeration but this is truly a place where you can eat a very good and very large pizza. Moreover, the location is fabulous and the waiters truly professionals. You may want to book in advance because there is usually a large queue in front of the restaurant (people don’t mind waiting to get in). Of course, the restaurant serves not only Italian recipes but also traditional Romanian food, also very well prepared.  It is located in Constanta, on Aprodul Purice Street which you reach from Mamaia Avenue (on its right). In 2005, the owners opened a new location in Mamaia (one of the classiest seaside resorts) where above eating you can have fun in their amusement park La Scoica Land. Therefore, this is a complete experience, exquisite food combining with live music, highly trained personnel and fun. This is something you don’t want to miss if you come to Constanta.

Other restaurants

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There are, of course, other places where you will be just as satisfied as in the previously described one. You will be surprised to notice that many of them also specialize in Italian food, such as Marco Polo (Mircea cel Batran Street), Trattoria Verdi (Negru Voda Street) or New Pizzico (Ovidiu Square). If you want something else, though, you may want to try Reyna which focuses on Romanian and Mediterranean cuisine or Oz Demir which obviously serves Turkish food.

The idea is there are a lot of great places where to eat in this town and the only way to categorize them is your own experience because the services are basically the same and the cuisine fabulous. This city is filled with tourists during the summer and all the restaurants do their best to be the best. So the only solution is for you to go and try them yourself and the ones you feel most welcomed and where you really enjoy your meal can deserve the title of the best restaurants in Constanta. It sounds like a great job to do, isn’t it?

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