Best restaurants in Cluj-Napoca


There is one thing you should know and if I come to think closer, it is the most important: in Cluj-Napocayou are going to eat well and a lot. I can hardly think of places that serve bad food, however it is always useful to know what the best restaurants in Cluj-Napoca are.

Hanul Dacilor


You can find Hanul Dacilor at two different locations: one at Iuliuss Mall and the other on Constantin Brancusi Street, at a 20 minutes’ walk from the city’s downtown. What will impress you first about this place is the traditional decorations from the walls that create a Romanian specific atmosphere. From plates to traditional clothes, everything is carefully exhibited as if telling a charming story about this wonderful culture. The food definitely makes no exception.

Try the soup beans that the cook serves in a ball made exclusively of bread, accompanied by a delicious onion salad and if wanted, sour cream. Do not forget to finish preparing the onion salad by adding salt, pepper, oil and vinegar.

All the other soups are absolutely finger licking and if you are a large group then go for a large dish of Romanian meats and you will not regret.

360 Restaurant

360 Restaurant is a tiny place located in the city downtown. It is highly frequented by foreign students and only by looking at it, you might say it is small and cozy but you could never imagine what delicious food they serve in here. Try the stir fried vegetables with chicken or calamari. Besides the fact that it is perfect made and very healthy, the price is also quite cheap.

Euphoria Biergarten


Euphoria Biergarten should definitely be considered as one of the best restaurants inCluj-Napoca. In the summer they open a terrace right behind the main building. You can spend wonderful evenings at one of the tables outside enjoying a perfect glass of good wine, because thank God, they have all kinds and for all tastes. The dishes are again diversified and really delicious. I like Euphoria salad and I adore the ‘crème soufflé’ that not only tastes heavenly, but also smells amazing.




Marty is one of the local’s favorite. It has a wide variety of dishes, all really well cooked. The staff is friendly and professional and the ingredients are always fresh.

Some other great places that should not be missed are: Wok’n Roll, Beer Factory, Camino etc

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