Best restaurants in Bucovina

This city lies in one of the most picturesque areas in Romania so you can easily imagine that when it comes to food tradition is the main norm. Though anywhere in Romania you will find luxurious restaurants boasting high quality international cuisine, it is difficult not to recommend at first those which are centered on traditional Romanian dishes. Whenever I visit a new place, tasting its traditional food brings me closer to the people and culture of that particular place. So, as far as the best restaurants in Bucovina are concerned, I will focus mainly on those that try their best to win you over through exquisite Romanian traditional dishes.

Hanul Voievozilor (The Inn of Medieval Rulers)

Not far away from the noise of Suceava, within the valleys of two villages of Bucovina, famous for their hard-working people, on the road between Sucevita and Putna monasteries Hanul Voievozilor comes to provide travelers shelter, food and fun. Its name is not randomly picked, the atmosphere created there breathing past legends and traditions. Since it’s an inn you can obviously choose for accommodation as well but if you’re just passing by don’t hesitate to give a chance to its restaurant. Designed for 20 hundred people, the restaurant is furnished with rustic furniture, wooden benches and tables, that makes you feel cozy and welcomed. If you like to admire the fantastic view of the landscape surrounding the inn, you can step out on the terrace, beautifully adorned with flowers and decorative plants. And to make things perfect, feel free to order the traditional menu and you won’t feel disappointed.

Casa Bucovineana (The House of Bucovina)

Situated in one of Bucovina’s most famous resorts, Vatra Dornei, Casa Bucovineana is also an inn designed to accommodate tourists, with restaurants services included. And amazing services they are! A feature specific to Romanian cuisine is for everything to be home made. This is the case with this restaurant which serves bread, for instance, baked in its own clay ovens. You just have to try it: the taste is extraordinary. Every Romanian tourist that comes to this restaurant cannot but remember his childhood when he would visit his grandparents in the countryside and grandma would bake bread just like this and he would eat it hot, right after being taken out of the oven… Tradition comes with sweet memories in this restaurant and you are invited all to share them.

Best Western Bucovina Hotel

Elegant and welcoming, the hotel’s 2 restaurants are the ideal place for a private party, a cocktail, a romantic dinner or other important events. The cooks there, true masters, will delight you with the traditional flavors of Bucovina, wrapped up in the delightful landscape of Gura Humorului. Even better, this hotel has even a traditional inn, Hanul Arinis, where food is prepared in tin kettles and on grill and the wine is kept in mulberry wood barrels. The atmosphere is completed by a camp fire set outside and an artistic program offered by the host.

I hope you enjoyed this tour around the best restaurants in Bucovina and you are even a bit curious to taste Romanian food.

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