Best resorts at the Black Sea


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After revealing top beaches at the Black Sea it is time to discover best resorts at the Black Sea. We have nine big resorts at the Black Sea: Mamaia, Costinesti, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Mangalia, Jupiter and Cap Aurora, Neptun-Olimp, Saturn and Techirghiol. During this post, we will only offer you an overview on some of the most visited and crowded resorts at the Black Sea.


Mamaia is the Pearl of the Romanian seashore, the most beautiful and popular but at the same time crowded resort. Located in the north east of Constanta, Mamaia is almost 8 kilometer in lengths and 300 meters in width and can be traced between the Black Sea and Siutghiol Lake. Mamaia offers also the largest capacity of accommodation and entertainment offers. It is also one of the most dynamic resort, many hotels and restaurants being built here. The main attractions in Mamaia are Aqua Magic Water Park and the car vehicle, from where you can admire the entire resort.


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Costinesti or the youth resort is another resort that is literally packed with youngsters during the summer. The resort is located in the south part of Constanta , at 28 kilometers. Most of the cultural and artistic events during summer are organized in Costinesti. The resort has its own radio station: Radio Vacanta.  During the communist period, the resort was called Liberty. Who can imagine a youth resort without lots of parties? Regardless of the musical genre, Costinesti is in the heart of entertainment.


Mangalia is an important port on the coast of the Black Sea and is located 44 kilometers from Constanta. It was founded by the Greeks in the VIth century BC under the name of Callatis. This is the southerly resort at the Black Sea and the only one that has sulphurous minerals and radioactive, used since the Ancient time for therapy reasons. Mangalia has treatment sections for medical recovery, kinetotherapy, mud wrappings. The main attractions sights of the city are the Archeology Museum, the Mosque, Mercurius Collection, a Scythian tomb (discovered in 1959). One of the most important summer festivals takes place in Mangalia: Callatis Festival. The most popular and appreciated artists in Romania are invited to this festival which has one of the most interesting stages, under the shape of a shell.  If you like horses, you will be pleased to find out that one can practice equitation.

These are three of the best resorts at the Black Sea. You should find out more details on the other ones by checking out

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