Best mountain tours in Suceava County

I have already told you that the county of Suceava is one of the most beautiful mountain regions in Romania so it goes without saying that it’s also a perfect place to go hiking. The Rarau-Giumalau Mountains have a vast network of marked (or that are going to be marked) tourist routes that allow crossing the area in all directions and thus becoming familiar with it and with all the beauties of the mountain scenery and tourist sights along it. These being said, let’s not waste any more time and discover together the places that offer the best mountain tours in Suceava County. In other words, let’s get better acquainted with the mountains of Suceava!

Through the Rar?u-Giumal?u Mountains

There are three important points in this area where marked trails converge. The most important one is located near the motel ‘Alpin Rar?u’ where paths coming from Campulung Moldovenesc meet those from Bistrita and from Giumalau and Stâni?oarei Mountains.  The second point is placed in the depression Fundu Colbului, located northwest of the hotel ‘Rar?u’. The third point is on the peak Giumalau, the highest across the region, with a broad perspective, where routes coming from the peak Rar?u, from Bistrita Valley and from Putnei Valley converge.

Rules to follow when trekking

  1. Choose the route to suit the physical, mental and technical training of the weakest person in the team.
  2. Bring with you proper equipment, materials and food specially designed for problematic situations.
  3. Announce your departure to the chalet on and carefully analyze your route.
  4. Start early on the road.
  5. Don’t waste all your energy and follow the safety rules as far as food and physical effort are concerned.
  6. Do not leave the market route.
  7. Respect and protect the mountain, don’t leave marks where you pass.
  8. Be prepared to step in and provide first aid help to tourists in distress.
  9. The alarm signal in the mountains consists of: 6 (six) acoustic signals per minute, 10 seconds each, then rest a minute. The response signal consists of three signals per minute.
  10. Before leaving, find you how to get in touch with the rescue team of the area.

These mountains seem to have been especially designed for those who love nature and physical exercise, hiking on mountain trails, winter sports and adventure. Therefore, try the adventure of discovering the best mountain tours in Suceava County, of discovering what they hide and the joy you feel once you have completed them.

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