Best events to attend in Iasi

The great part about this city is that there is always some interesting trade, fair, exhibition and so on you might want to attend. A simple search on the Internet will be enough to demonstrate you that Iasi is not a place where you might get bored. In fact,Iasi is the perfect place if you want to explore the bohemian side of you. As such, the best events to attend inIasi have a cultural component and are very much related to that dim and ancient past when everything just seemed simpler and more beautiful.

The Cucuteni Ceramics Fair

If you’re not yet familiarized with the beauty and intricacy of Romanian ceramics, this event is a good opportunity for you to get acquainted with it. This wonderful event is organized each year in the Copou Park, a veritable symbol of Iasi. More than 150 craftsmen from all over the country take part to this fair so you get a bird’s eye view on this Romanian tradition. You also have the chance to see craftsmen at work, some of them modelling their creations during the exhibition. The objects on display are both things you can use at home (pots, dishes and so on) but also strange ornamental objects that depict Romanian motifs and traditions. What is most interesting about them is that they can be that unique souvenir to bring back home; you can be sure that you will not find anything similar wherever you go.

Celebrating Iasi

Among the best events to attend in Iasi there is also the holiday dedicated to the city.Iasi welcomes guests every day of the year, but only during these special holidays, pilgrims that come to worship the relics of St. Paraschiva, the holy protector ofIasi and of the whole ofMoldova, enjoy magical moments of faith and hope. To properly honor the guests,Iasi organizes every year a series of over 100 cultural, commercial, sports and entertainment activities that complete the extensive religious program prepared by the Metropolitan Church of Moldava and Bucovina. Thus, among the large-scale actions that take place during holidays, there are The Pilgrims’ tea and dinner, The Vintage Costume Promenade, The Annual Awards for the Union of Writers in Iasi, The Folk Festival “Rose from Moldova”, shows and outdoor concerts, The Wine Festival, cups and sports competitions, and so on. Moreover, each year, on the 14th of October, on Saint Paraschiva’s Day, a group of high priests sing the holy mass in the morning and in the evening splendid fireworks are offered to all participants to the holidays.

Don’t wait any longer! Iasi is there for you to enjoy its wonderful events and traditions.

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