Best clubs in Timisoara

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Timisoara is recognized in Romania as one of the most modern, civilized and open minded cities. Since the communist period, Timisoarawas seen as an important cultural center of the country and one the places where the atmosphere was totally different. Best clubs in Timisoara might as well be best clubs in Romania. You can choose from a large variety of entertainment spots: some are glamorous; others are more laid back while most of them are more bar-clubs. The essential thing is to expand your area of understanding the Romanian pop culture and to see as much as you can of the way people inTimisoara have fun.

Heaven Club

Partying seems to have a total different meaning when you are in Heaven Club. The most beautiful girls in town, the most popular DJ’s inRomania, the finest drinks and a night to remember seems to be the key elements of Heaven Club. The club is decorated mainly in blue and violet with glittering lights to get you into the clubbing mood. And since it is summer, how do you feel about a pool party as Heaven club moves the entertainment outside. The outdoor club is decorated with white leather sofa and white lamps. Special events can be organized here: private parties, weddings, social events and of course concerts. The party starts mainly after 12 o clock in the night so make sure you will be there when the fun begins.


El che

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If you are more into rock clubs and feel like hearing the greatest hits of all times, then maybe you should consider going to El Che located inUnion Square. The club has many thematic nights which offer you the possibility of experiencing exactly the kind of entertainment you are expecting. For example the begging of the week-end was more that exciting during Revolutionary Friday party. The play list was very diverse trying to satisfy as many musical tastes as possible: from Range against the Machine, Pink, etc. After a shot of tequila, the meaning of having fun goes to another level. If you worry you won’t remember, no problem since the photographer of the club is there to catch the most memorable moments of the night. On Sunday we will take it easier and we will relax at a karaoke night or at a live music show.


Well you will say we pretty much presented all the possibility of having fun in Timisoara. You could not be more wrong since we have clubs and bars covering almost every musical genre. So, bring your entertainment mood with you and visit the best clubs in Timisoara. It is worth it for sure!

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