Best accommodation in Timisoara

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Thinking of visiting a city mean more than making a detailed plan on the attractions to see, on how to capture the atmosphere of the city on managing to discover every hidden corner, it also means dealing on some practical things such as where to stay. Best accommodation in Timisoara tries to make things a bit easier for you, to offer you some ideas so that you can occupy your time with something else. I just hope I can manage to offer a brief description of all types of accommodation, from the coziest to the most luxurious ones.

Koronna Hotel

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Luxury and the elegance of the 20th century are the main characteristics of Koronna Hotel. Therefore, if you wish to relax and enjoy your stay in Timisoara in a place that takes you back to the golden period of the 20th century, then the fours star Koronna Hotel should be on your accommodation list. The furniture is made up of solid wood while the walls are decorated in paintings and elegant tapestry in warm colors. However one should know that Koronna Hotel is one of the newest four star hotels on Bega bank. If you are wandering which are the average prices for a room then let me tell you that they vary between 40 and 50EUR per night. For more details you should log on to

Casa del Sole

Decorated in a unique, antique style Casa del Sole offers the most impressive services: every room has air conditioned, TV, free wireless connection. If you feel like taking a swim, then you just have to go out on the terrace where a wonderful pool awaits for you.  If you just feel like chilling then you can take a walk in Casa del Sole’s Garden.  The perfect mornings must always begin with sport programs, that is why Casa del Sole has a room full of all the necessary fitness equipments and a spa center to get you started. The hotel offers its guests some of the best Romanian and international courses, freshly prepared. The prices for such royal treatments: 65 EUR per night/double room, including pool access, living access, breakfast, wireless, video monitored parking side. Since a picture speaks louder than thousand words, I invite you to check out the 360 degrees tour and chose the room you like the most at
Some people say that the place where you dwell during your holiday will mark your entire stay to that city. I do not know if that is your case also but your coming to Timisoara will for sure be received extremely well in these two places I have mentioned above. On the other hand, there are many other pensions, villas and pensions that can be included to best accommodation in Timisoara.


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