Bars and restaurants in Timisoara

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If you are visiting Timisoara for the first time them you must be wondering which are the best places where you can eat or where you can enjoy your spare time. Being a modern and developed city, Timisoara the heart of Banat region presents many options for discovering the best places where you can go out. Bars and restaurants in Timisoara will bring details on some of my personal choices. I hope you will like them as much as I did.

Bugar’d Pub

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Personally I am a fan of pubs, they offer everyone, especially tourists, the atmosphere you need to have fun: great food, lots of types of beer and wines, live music, the perfect start for a night to remember. Bugar’d Pub is quite appreciated in Timisoara for serving more than 70 types of beer and for its delicious food. So, if you feel like living a bit then make sure you pass by Bugar’d Pub especially on Friday and Sunday nights, when the bars turns into a club. “The most special pub in town” as it is called is located in the center of the city, having a capacity of more than 160 seats including a space for non smokers.

Casa Bunicii (Grandmother’s house)

I do not know about you but I was always spoiled by my grandparents. They used to make me feel so special and always received me with their best of foods. I still recall the smell of fresh baked bread which overwhelmed me every time I visited my grandparent’s house. Grandmother’s house in Timisoara is a family restaurant and the owner admits with pride that when she thought of the menu and of the receipts she received advises from her 89 years old grandmother. Nothing is too much for preparing the best homemade food, characteristic of Banat (the western region of Romania). The interesting part is that you can bring even your toddlers with you since Grandmother’s house knows how to best receive them: with a special area dedicated to kids, monitored full time on camera while the pictures are live projected in the restaurant, garden toys: cradles, slides in shape of a castle, small toys, bathrooms for children. Trust me your children will have a great time. Among the specialties of Grandmother’s house I must bring up the delicious pancakes filled with pheasant breast and gorgonzola and let’s not forget the homemade ice creams without dyestuffs. Yummy!

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