Attractions close by Sighisoara

Sighisoara surroundings, rich in historical monuments and picturesque areas represent interesting attraction points.You will find here not only monuments with an impressive past but also natural and beautiful areas, where one can relax and enjoy life. Therefore, my advice is to expand your trip and start visiting attractions closeby Sighisoara. In our post, we will try to discover a little bit about Biertan Church, Breite reservation and Saschiz village.

Biertan church

28 kilometers from Sighisoara on your way to Medias, we find Biertan fortified church, Birtal. The architectural medieval complex is made up of churches and a few entrenchments and is located in the center of the area on top of a hill. The church represents the center part of the complex, being built in the Gothic style, between 1490 and 1520. This is one of the few fortified churches that were built in this style in Transylvania.  Thus, it is worth visiting it and spending some time observing every detail of it. Inside the church, the altar was built under a triptych shape, between 1515 and 1524. One of the most valuable objects in the church is the aisle built in 1512. Biertan architectural complex impresses with its’ esthetic and historical value. That is why UNESCO included Biertan church on the world heritage list.

Breite reservation

On Breite plane, close to Sighisoara we discover the most preserved reservation of the area. Oaks and holms, brought from the center and eastern of Europe create an incredible atmosphere for those who feel the need to abandon the city for a few days. Breite represent a unique value in Europe due to its natural heritage. This is one of my favorite places in Transylvania thus I usually come here every time I have the chance.  You should also try this when you come here.

Saschiz village

20 km from Sighisoara on your way to Brasov you will find Saschiz village you will discover a fortified church and Cetatea taraneasca. This is one of the oldest and most representative constructions of this kind in the country. The foundation started in 1495 and finished two years later. The inscriptions inside the church and the logo on the roof present the year when the church was built. The Tower of the Spire is similar to Clock Tower in Sighisoara. One of the most valuable objects in the church is a chalice, made by an anonymous artist in 1480.

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