Accommodation in Sinaia

For those of you who do not know, Sinaia is one of the most popular and famous mountain resorts in Romania. As such, writing about accommodation in Sinaia can be quite a difficult task, there being numerous hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts and private houses where you can choose to stay. Due to such variety, this entry will try not to bring to the limelight the best hotels or hostels but merely to demonstrate you that Sinaia has a place for everyone and for every taste.


A simple search of hotels in Sinaia leads to a long list of luxurious hotels ideal for both relaxing holidays and successful business meetings. The International Hotel was built in 1983 as a hotel for the winter sports and then it was modernized in 2001 – 2003, nowadays being a hotel, a business centre and a holiday space. The hotel has 171 rooms with various decorations and colors to satisfy each and every one of you. The clients of the hotel have access to room service, beauty salon, conference center, business center (with Internet), pool, and gym. The hotel can also plan a sightseeing tour of Sinaia if you are interested in having someone guide you through the town. The restaurant has a capacity of 300 persons, the chef preparing both traditional and international dishes. The New Montana Hotel or the Regal Hotel offer more or less the same services as the International Hotel, the goal being maximum satisfaction in a highly classy environment.

Bed and breakfasts

The definition in a dictionary for these is ‘a private house or a small hotel where you can sleep and have breakfast’ but the Romanian type looks more like a very modern villa, usually with a wonderful garden around it, space for children to play, for a barbecue, pool and so on. In other words, these villas offer high quality services but less expensive than a hotel. You will find such houses to accommodate yourself in all around in Romania, not only in Sinaia. A search on this matter results in more than 31 bed and breakfasts on one site alone, so you can imagine how many and various they really are: Maria Villa, Raluca Villa, Anemona Villa and so on (these are proper Romanian names, owners typically choose when naming their bed and breakfast).

If you are not the kind of person who is keen on staying in hotels, these bed and breakfasts would really be the best solution as far as accommodation in Sinaia is concerned. Not to mention the fact that the owners of these are more than happy to stay and chat with you and tell you stories about the places, what to visit and what to do next.

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