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I bet you do not know much about Eastern Europe in general, let alone Romania. Don’t worry, most people are in the same shoes as you, but that’s exactly why we are here, to tell you what an amazing country Romania is.

With editors actually residing in the country and 8+ years experience in the travel industry – thanks to the Wanderer Guides network we are a part of, we can help you get any kind of travel information about the country and the region and we can also help you find flights, hotel rooms, car rentals and vacation packages. Ready for the adventure?

What can you do here?

The answer to the question is: everything. From the most amazing Medieval castles of the country to the oldest and most impressive monasteries, from the coolest fairs to the list of must try Romanian food, you can find here all info you might imagine. Read about the Danube Delta among the beautiful National Parks of Romania or check out what’s worth visiting in Sibiu, one of the Saxon cities of Transylvania that held the title of Europe’s Cultural Capital in 2007.

Visit the most superb caves with us, learn about the oldest superstitions or take an imaginary visit to the Black Sea with our team, we will make it as life-like as possible. If you are a fan of mountains and skiing, we can recommend some great accommodation in Sinaia, if you prefer culture and heritage, we will tour you among the landmarks of Brasov or in the official residence of the once Romanian monarchs, the Peles Castle. Interested in old thing? Read about the history of the Romanian capital Bucharest, however, if you want something more gloomy, follow in Dracula’s footsteps in Transylvania. All this and much more on Romania Wanderer.

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