A two-day trip to Bran

Thanks to the Bran Castle and the interest shown by visitors from around the world to this site, Bran is currently undergoing a process of rapid development. Though it is a rather small resort, you may be surprised of how many sights there are to cover in a two – day trip to Bran. So, let’s not waste time any longer and begin our trip!

Day 1

The Bran Castle, one of the most valuable monuments of medieval architecture in Romania, is known by tourists from around the world as Dracula’s Castle. Most tourists, after visiting the BranCastle, leave disappointed because they have not met Dracula, the vampire associated with the Romanian Prince Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Tepes). And the reason for not having met him is that visitors do not distinguish between historical reality and the story at the basis of which are both the popular beliefs about ghosts and vampires and the legends about Vlad the Impaler, especially those which it present him as a cruel prince. But not to worry… if there is no Dracula in the actual castle (which is mainly designed to remind people of Queen Maria of Romania), you can find him and many more frightening vampires in the Haunted Castle. This has a route that takes you in 12 rooms especially decorated to scare you. Here you can meet Count Dracula, Doctor Frankenstein and towards the end of the route even Satan. What’s more, you even get to visit a prison and torture chamber. The entire location is designed to remind you that you are in Bran, inTransylvania, the land of vampires and other terrible ghosts.

Day 2

The trip should now be a little quieter after having already been scared by Dracula and his ‘friends’.  So, start with theVillageMuseumwhich is organized in the courtyard of theBranCastle. You can admire here medieval households traditional in the area, but also a series of household annexes or equipment used in the past for various economic activities. The museum was set up over four decades ago in the park near the castle and it outlines the evolution of traditional folk architecture of the villages in the Bran area, in connection to occupations such as raising cattle and working in the forest. Then, you can take a stroll in the central park which will surely attract those who are passionate about military equipment (there are a few artillery pieces on display in the park).

What you can do during both days (and you will never get tired of doing it) is admire the local artisanship market which is emblematic for the Romanian traditions and skills everywhere. Thus, a two-day trip to Bran is just what you need to relax and enjoy various activities and experiences.

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