A thousand words – tours around Sibiu

The Council Tower, ©CamilG/Flickr

The Council Tower, ©CamilG/Flickr

A Thousand Words tour around the city of Sibiu is a package tour with the duration of three days and two nights. You can visit and find out more about Sibiu but the really magical stories about the city are the ones written by every tourist who visits the town. Once you pass by the colorful buildings, touch the hundred year old walls, feed the pigeons and feel the medieval atmosphere of the city then the story begins because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Not long ago there were annual fairs, the pigeons lived on the roof of the Catholic Church, the philosophers were looking for a muse, flags waved on the top of every house and the soldiers whispered sweet words to their lovers on the “Bridge of Lies”. Visit Sibiu and write your own story!

Brukenthal National Museum

Brukental National Museum was established in 1817 and exhibits elements of fine art, history, natural sciences, archeology, numismatics and decorative art. It is based on the former Brukental collections, which were added to the collections of the Museum of Carpathian Society. In 1950 there were added another 497 art works of Romanian Astra Museum to the collection. This baroque style building was named after Baron Samuel von Brukenthal who founded the main building.

Brukenthal National Museum, ©CalmilG/Flickr

Brukenthal National Museum, ©CalmilG/Flickr

The defensive system of the fortress

Defense has been represented by several towers: the Potters’ Tower, the Tanners’ Tower, the Powder Tower, the Tower Stairs, the Carpenters’ Tower, the Gunsmiths’ Tower and the Priests’ Tower.

The Roman-Catholic Church

Located in the Main Square of Sibiu the Roman-Catholic Church is one of the highest buildings dating back to the 18th century. Despite the fact that the building was built relatively late it is within the context of the architectural harmony of the city.

Catholic church tower near Sibiu's Main Square, ©Horia Varlan/Flickr

Catholic church tower near Sibiu’s Main Square, ©Horia Varlan/Flickr

The Council Tower

The Council Tower is one of the most famous monuments of the city. The Council Tower is called so because it defends the gateway in the second precinct, located near the building that housed the mayor of Sibiu. The tower in its current form has a height of seven stories. The ground floor has a large vaulted passage. You can access the entrance through a small door then take a spiral staircase and reach the upper floors. The current shape of the building is the result of several phases of construction. From the initial construction perhaps only the core constructed till the first floor has been preserved.

The Council Tower, ©CamilG/Flickr

The Council Tower, ©CamilG/Flickr

ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization

The first outdoor exhibition has been organized by ASTRA in this regard following the traditions of Sibiu. The museum was founded in 1905 in order to keep a very important heritage. The museum is located in a splendid natural setting with forests and lakes in the background. According to information provided by the guide catalog published in 1995, today the museum holds 115 units and 279 outbuildings. In addition to these there is also an exhibition of monumental sculpture.

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